Friday, 7 April 2017

Like a beer off a ducks head

It snowed overnight plus there were really strong winds. There was plenty of snow and it was drifting everywhere. I decided not to go to Knitting because it looked bad. The bus came for the boys to go to school though so that normally means it isn't too bad!

Even though I knew th snow was coming, I didn't expect this!

I had my breakfast upstairs, watched a bit of Holby and FaceTimed Yahoo. I don't know why but we laugh so much, at nothing! We had a good chat and catch up too. I decided I would go to Knitting after all as the road didn't look too bad. My windscreen was so thick with snow though that the windscreen wipers wouldn't move at all so I dug them out but by bit and went on my way. Half way up our road (1/2 km) I realised the wipers weren't working at all and turned round and came home. Huffle came and helped me and got them going. I think they might have been a bit iced. I went off again even though I was going to be late.

Part way (probably only got about 3 or 4 km, my car hit a snow drift and I completely lost control heading for the ditch. I managed to steer it away but ended on the other side of the road. I was really scared, luckily there was nothing coming the other way. I slowly made my way to the next turning, turned round and came home. I was in shock and quite upset. Huffle and Grandma consoled me, made me a cup of tea and we sat and watched Broadchurch whilst I crocheted and knit. Grandad started watching it the other day without us so we watched it without him. He just happened to come in from the barn at exactly the point he had got to himself. Spawny spatula. We finished the episode and Huffle came down for lunch while Grandma went off for a bath and shower. This is a fabulous hotel we offer here. Bath and shower, lucky things. Huffle was quite upset about my near accident as he was the one who persuaded me to go out and because of this he decided we would not be going out this afternoon as previously planned. I don't often believe in fate but today I felt that my windscreen problem earlier was a warning not to drive this morning and Huffle felt we had been warned once......

During lunch we attempted to watch a Celebrity Juice but Grandma finished too early and we had to switch it off as it was deemed not Grandma appropriate. Instead we watched a Rhod Gilbert work experience. After lunch the olds and I watched the last Prime Suspect 1973. The other day Grandad told me it was the end and everyone died but it was great. Silly Grandad.

I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake. The weather improved greatly, the sun came out, the rain warning disappeared and when the boys came home we had a secret ballot to see if we wanted to go to the Garden Show or not. We lost Grandad in the house (it's not that big, he was probably hiding) so we didn't include him and we had three yes' and two no's. We needed Grandad to decide it for us and he said yes but needed the two drivers (Huffle and I) to say yes before he would properly decide. In the end we decided to go, but cautiously.

The roads were clear except for one snow drift, dropping ice and snow from the trees and the horrendous pot holes in the road. We got to the show, (with Smallest falling asleep on the way) around 5:30pm. Because we weren't eating till much later, I told the boys to take full advantage of any free samples. We had Shortbread, honey, crackers, lollies and the odd sweet here and there which was good because we didn't eat until about 8pm. We found Jeff and MrsM, bought a hosta, chatted to a man about Native plants and met a man from Devon who owns a Victorian Garden close by that we can visit. We all voted on the best floral arrangement (one of which appeared to be a plastic bag!). We all spotted a lady with a green face and we couldn't decide if she was very ill or was a witch in a local play. Grandad bought some bulbs and Grandma bought some fudge which we had to try. We got given a sample of Volcanic Dust for the garden to accelerate growth, grass seed and entered some draws for prizes. All in all it was a good show.

Mural for the Canoe Museum. We didn't have time for that one!!
I'm glad they said it was a lovely bag else we might not have known
So there these kids, they kinda stole our heart. They call us Grandma and Grandad

For dinner we went to a pub that was too full to wait for a table and then We eventually found the pub we went to last year and had a nice dinner. Grandad had a beer which I thought the server said was 26%. It was just 6%. I was panicking about taking him home with that high a percentage of alcohol but at 6% he assured me he was fine.

Nice pub but far too busy

On the way home we followed a van all the way. I commented that he was a very safe driver, not too fast and not too slow. It wasn't until much later in the journey that we realised it was Jeff and he had come from the show too. I thanked him later for guiding us home safely.

Smallest had fallen asleep on the way home and in our car we had karaoke singing most of the way and trying to get Grandad up to date with who was who in the charts.



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