Sunday, 2 April 2017

One Millionth of a second slower

Huffle and I slept really well which was good. The whole house got up at a reasonable time and all pitched in to make our pancake breakfast.

As soon as breakfast was over and the kitchen cleared, the engineers got on with oiling the wheels of Small's 18wheeler. Olive and Canola Oil was used liberally and after Grandad finished squirting oil all over Huffle, he persuaded him to look at the drain pipes on the barn. The washing line was attached, the line prop came out of the barn and we all sat outside in the sunshine. I'm not going to say that Spring has finally sprung because every time I do, it damn well snows. So for now I will say nothing. Another snow drop has emerged and daffodils and tulips are on their way. Wahoooo.

Grandad had an idea for the side path and we wandered along it discussing options. We have started a list of things to do and buy. Grandad said he could do with being here for six months to get all we needed finished. Ah well, we'll see about that!

Just before midday, Small, Grandad and I drove to the Community Centre for Small's 18 wheeler race. We couldn't register straight away as our Leader had not arrived (the same leader that didn't give us any information about the race) but one of the others stepped in. Then we found out our weight was too heavy by 38g (that's a lot on a small lorry/truck). We were told the Leader (the same one that hadn't arrived yet or given us any information) should have given us a specification sheet telling us weight, height, rules etc etc. Our Leader didn't give us anything (the same leader who wasn't there and didn't give us info about race). I registered my disgust with one of the other leaders who instantly whispered to our Leader (you know the one) who then proceeded to ignore us for the rest of the race. Grandad had to prise the top off the lorry AGAIN and take out the weight. There was a table with a pillar drill and various bits and bobs and Grandad attempted to drill through the weight but deemed it too dangerous. Small said "if Grandad thinks it's too dangerous then it must be bad!". Luckily, the Big Cheese of Scouts was there and helped us enormously. He found us a bag of weights and let us use the scales to determine how much we needed, pointed us to the hot glue gun and watched the weighing. Everything was glued back in place and Small's lorry was put into position ready for voting for best design.

Huffle, Grandma and Smallest arrived for the voting and half an hour later the race started. There were four Scouts in our pack and about eight in the one we raced with and Small's beat them in speed everytime. One of the organisers said Small's was the second fastest of the day. Whenever he took it to the track boys to race, they said "Marvel Marvel, Marvels gonna win". Small was very pleased. He ended up winning first in design and speed but had to choose one for them to get a trophy. He chose SPEED and won first. Our Leader (same one) had to present the trophy to Small. Oh he did look pleased. He had the audacity to try and ask us a favour as he wanted us to race the other lorries next week because the other boys were busy. DO ONE! We walked away and came home.

We had a quick lunch and then took the two cars to Football practice and watched Smallest for an hour and a half. He worked extremely hard and had a lovely red glow when he finished. We drove off to get some dinner at our favourite Italian. It was fabulous as usual. A first time visit for G&G.

Back home, Smallest went for a bath and Small and Huffle played FIFA.


Grandad would like it noted that today I did: take a wrong turn on my way to the Community Centre. He said my internal Sat Nav crashed and had to be rerouted. I tried to get in the passenger door even though I was driving (I tried to tell him it was instinct but he wasn't convinced). I also did something else really silly but we can't remember what it was. I know it's hard to believe I would ever do anything silly!!!!


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