Friday, 21 April 2017

Buck buck chickens initiation

Smallest finished painting his Mouth of Truth last night and took in to school this morning. He was very proud of it and so he should be. He's worked hard. Boys went to school. Huffle worked in the loft and I went off to knitting.

Today we had a full table and half of the table were crocheting. I sat and sewed in all my ends of my latest socks and continued crocheting a chicken. Later in the evening I finished the chicken and Smallest ran away with it, called it chicken and it joined his 'gang'.

Everyone at knitting went out for lunch at the new Bistro (that used to be shookeeperEl's wool shop). It was very nice and I had a warm Goats Cheese Salad. It took ages and we didn't have time for shopping as Suffolk wanted to come back to help me with the rod pocket for the blind. Once again, we measured and pinned and held them at the window and finally decided where the folds were going to be. She left me with the task of sewing them but unfortunately I didn't have any cream thread so I couldn't do any. I've left everything out so it makes me do it at the weekend once I buy some! I'm hoping the first blind is going to be up at the window very soon.

The boys came home and played football. Tonight I made Butter Chicken and Lentil Dahl and because my sewing machine and material is all over the table, we ate in front of the TV. We watched a robot wars episode and then finished the film Sing, before the boys had showers and went to bed.

Huffle and I settled down and watched Gardeners World with a cuppa after hearing that the U.K. was in for a cold spell and possibly snow. Oh dear!


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