Sunday, 9 April 2017

I used to be an umbrella*

Breakfast was waffles and fruit with Golden Syrup. Ooh golden syrup, how I miss you. At the breakfast table we chatted about Aunt Pears mouse eaten umbrella and there was dispute over whether it was a parasol or a rain umbrella. Smallest suddenly said "I used to be an umbrella". Oh ok!

Off we went mid morning for a funday Sunday look around the market. In the Flea Market we searched high and low for a mobile phone booth who could fix Grandads broken phone screen. We tried every single one of them but none of them could fix it there and then. Some could order bits in and do it in a week's time but that seemed silly so we ended up leaving it. Also we were looking for trainers for the boys as their feet have grown considerably. Unfortuately the makes of the few pairs we did find were dubious and we failed miserably. Grandad was worried he had wasted too much of our time but we let him off because Huffle, last night, sped through Saturday Night Takeaway saving us many minutes. We hadn't lost any time on the market at all. We assured him we were now even.

Huffle found a lady (well I say lady) selling what looked like strudels. He asked the flavours and then asked if any had cinnamon in them. She said in a gravelly deep voice "you Jew?" Huffle said "I'm asking if there is any cinnamon in them" she said "I'm asking if you are Jew?" This went on for a while until I said "I don't like cinnamon". She gave me a death stare and I walked away in disgust. Huffle spoke to her some more until he got bored and walked away.

On the way out we saw sausage polishing?!?

We drove to the sports shop, angering a motorist on the way to which I mouthed PATIENCE PATIENCE. He wound down his window when we stopped at a red light and we all looked in another direction. The silly bugger ended up behind me despite him sitting on my rear and overtaking me.

We came home and had lunch. Grandad found me some compost in his store and I planted up the urns on the porch, very spring-like now with mini daffs, hyacinth and violas. Grandad and the boys played table tennis and table football until Grandad came out and did a bit of weeding and emptied my wheelbarrow. One of the veg beds has the horse poo dug in now from the Winter Carnival that Small helped collect from the parade. We uncovered the rhubarb which is growing nicely and we covered it with a pot to force it.

Small and I played Disney Monopoly until I won (though he would tell you I cheated!!). Grandma and I made dinner and Smallest, Huffle and Grandad went off to football practice. A good session but not enough coaches today so some of the boys played up a little. Smallest worked hard as usual though did get a little confused over one of the drills.

I sat on the porch and fought off the mosquitoes - they won. The boys played football and basketball and the everyone watched the golf.

Grandad built a little perch for the bird house. Awwww
Tonight's Moon through the telescope


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