Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A plethora of pigs

I woke up to horrible news once again. The fire in the tower block in London. How very sad and awful.

Everyone slept so well and no one woke up on time. Luckily Small woke us at 7:30am and our day began. The boys went to school and Small got his High School Schedule. For his first semester (a term) he has Maths, English, Science and French but for his second semester he has easy subjects such as Music, Business Technologies, Geography, Gym. That's a difficult start to the year but at least he will get it out of the way, plus he will have done his community hours already too (he is doing a summer camp for Councellor in Training which gives him his full hours (40) helping at other camps). Smallest brought home his Roman work where he had made the Mouth of Truth. He got an A for this (he was disappointed he didn't get an A+ as he only missed out because his teacher clicked on the wrong presentation which had a slide missing!).

I went to aerobics and did half a class (ie one armed) though my arm is feeling much better. It was very hot in there today but there were many laughs. I came home and went straight out to buy food. The cashier was very nice and friendly but did ask me about my red skin. I told her I had just come from an exercise class and she asked no more.

Huffle and I had lunch together, watched some Gotham and I went for my shower before going to pick up Moo from the airport. Whilst gettting dry, I thought I would check whether her plane was delayed or on time. In fact it was due in early and was landing 25 minutes earlier than planned. I had to leave fairly quickly with wet hair.

The traffic was heavy but moving on the way there and I made good time. I gave directions to a lady who didn't know the airport who was meeting someone off the same plane. The fact that I sent her the wrong way was irrelevant, she found it in the end. She asked me whether it was true the 'elevator' wasn't working, how long it took to get through customs and where the toilets were. Then I met a lovely man who was meeting his brother in law and wife off the same plane and we chatted about the fact his wife was from Rugby UK and had had been in Canada for 58 years. Moo appeared and when she tried to get to me, she was blocked by a young couple snogging. She kept saying excuse me but they were locked together. They did apologise eventually but Moo just said she was jealous. The traffic home was horrendous and we crawled along for half of the journey. When we finally got free of the slowness, we decided to come off the highway early which was a mistake because we got stuck in the worst three lanes into one lane traffic and couldn't get out. I tried to change lane but couldn't get back in so we went to the next exit and then we got stuck there for ages too. Once off the highway we got stuck at every single traffic light. I was fed up of driving by the time we got home.

More Jedi in the airport.

The boys were full of smiles and hugs as soon as she came through the door. Her bag was emptied instantly while I made some burgers from roasted parsnip and lentils. Yum yum. The boys all had Huffle made beef burgers. The boys picked a treat from Moos bag after dinner and the Huffle and I took Small to his football practice. Moo and Smallest stayed at home.

Small's field was in a locked fenced area. Unfortunately no one turned up to unlock the fence and everyone had to climb over a six foot chain link fence. I have never seen that field unlocked yet though Huffle has once. It's very unfair to make the boys climb over, one side gravel and the other grass. What happens if one of them fell or got stuck on it? Very bad! Huffle and I had a walk round the track several times and sat and watched for the rest. Small worked very hard.

The terrible fence and our shadows

Smallest was in bed when we got home, Moo had read to him and he was reading his new Beano comic. Small showered and went to watch his TV in bed and we watched a Life Swap thing on BBC. A fisher woman from Lancashire swapped lives with a business woman from Taipan. It was really good and very interesting.

New bloom


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