Monday, 12 June 2017

I found a cuff link

Oh why wasn't it Sunday? I wanted it to be Sunday. I didn't want to get up and start a new week, I wasn't ready! The boys went off to school. Still hot and humid weather around 31* feel like of 33*.

New bloomin' beauties today

Huffle worked at the kitchen table, the pool and the computer room today. Far too hot to be in the loft. Eeeeek poor Moo, she's going to feel it up there! I had a nice leisurely breakfast, watched some Tv, put some washing on and slowly put the bathroom back together. I cleaned the bath and shower and put stuff in the cupboards. We don't have as much room in the cupboards as we did before but we'll have more storage once the shelves are in. Smallest had the first shower in there and he was not impressed. His radio wasn't working properly because Small moves it too high up for him to reach and he had to try and put it somewhere else where it would get a good signal and the shower wasn't powerful enough (I showed him how to change it afterwards).

Late morning I had a doctors appointment and I picked up Smallest's prescription inhaler. I came home in time for lunch with Huffle and we watched a bit of Gotham before I went off to my exercise class. We worked in a non air conditioned loft and it was very hot. We did lots of floor work and weights. It was a good class. I told ExerciseNic how her constant squats helped me at the Springfest evening when I had to pick up ball after ball after ball and I didn't hurt one bit the next day.

When I got back I finished putting stuff in the bathroom. Huffle had painted and dap'd (filled) the window, looks much better. The boys came home, did a chore, played on their tablets and had their Piano lessons. Their piano recital is on Saturday so they have lots of practicing to do before then, thought to be fair, they sound pretty good already.

We had an early dinner and Smallest and I went off to his practice. We got there forty minutes too early as Huffle told us we had to go to get there at 6pm but it was 6:30pm. We sat in the shade and played Top Trumps until the rest of the team arrived. I had a walk around the track with Dans Nonna and Sister and then sat and chatted to them for the rest of the practice.

Huffle went with Small to his game. Huffle got sent away when he swore at a boy on the their team. Naughty Huffle. Small has been selected as Captain for the rest of the games. Excellent.



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