Thursday, 8 June 2017

Morning paddle

It was soooooo hot today. Early morning I moved my car (why does it not register with me to move the car in afternoon????) out of the way so MrBasement could get in. The boys went off to school on the bus (softball is now finished, tick another one off the list) and Huffle worked at the table for a while and disappeared into the loft at some point. After breakfast, I drove to the local garage and dropped my car off to investigate the bangs and knocks that keep happening and I walked back enjoying the sunshine but keeping covered as I got burnt yesterday.

MrBasement was here when I got back but no L4D which worried me but he was just at a dentist appointment again and hadn't dropped down after his debacle with the vanity yesterday. He did arrive late morning. I went off mid morning in Huffle's car and went to garden at Suffolks house. I was only going to do an hour and come home for lunch but I had an argument with the hose which was in a knot and wet me through plus picked up mud and I was in a right state and made the path (which I had planted creeping thyme in) a muddy mess. I didnt want to leave it a mess before Suffolk came home so I gardened on for another hour. It was very hot and I tried to stay in the shade. The poor thyme got stood on so many times I fear for its life. The whole point is that I planted it in the gaps of the crazy paving and it should be okay to stand on occasssionally.

When she came home she made me a lovely salad and we sat and ate, drank tea and chatted. I stayed until it was time to pick up Miss9. I came home and found out Huffle needed his car to pick up a new tap (faucet). Huffle was worried about me because I had been missing for about four hours.

The men, today, had put the sink in (but not secured it), swapped a tile that was cracked, finished grouting the walls, painted the ceiling, put a transition piece in (bit of wood in the door), added a dimmer switch (those lights are awfully bright) and put in the shower and tap for the bath. We are hoping (and MrBasement is hoping) that tomorrow it will be finished though I did send him a message asking if he had forgotten the shelves. He said he hadn't but he hadn't built them yet so I told him the alternative was to stand in the bathroom and hold all the towels.

The boys came home not long after me and did a chore, told me their news and played on their gadgets. Huffle took me to get my car (it was still very hot and my poor legs were tired) and I collected it and brought it home. They have found a bolt that was loose that was clattering around and tightened it. They also took off the heat shield and lubricated they steering shaft which will save me $300-500 if it works. Fingers crossed. It will take three weeks to be fully lubricated though (or something like that).

Today Huffle has been trying to open the pool. Yesterday he spent all day filling it and it was no deeper than two feet after all that water. Today he found the leak and got in (brrrrrrr and yuk) and put several patches on the leak before the kids had left for school. He marked where the water level was and left it all day to see if it was going anywhere. We didn't think it was so we stared filling it late afternoon and turned it off when the kids went to bed. It needs more but it's looking good so far. It is going to need a good clear out as there are quite a few leaves in but we shouldnt have a problem with algae to start with as it's clean water going in.

After dinner Huffle and I checked the pool and wandered round the garden. One of our premiership plants is our yellow tree peony. Never before flowered, today it has two beautiful blooms and more to come. The iris' are looking beautiful too, the lilac smells gorgeous, the poppies are bursting and the aquilegia are very pretty.

Huffle, Smallest and I played badminton while Small tableted and then Smallest and Huffle played FIFA while I had a long shower.

This evening while I was blogging Huffle watched the UK election news. Can't say I really know much about it.


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