Sunday, 4 June 2017

Trumping in my saucepan cupboard

A nice lie-in and a message from Aunty A to let me know she was safe (plus two others we know who live in London) thank goodness.

After breakfast we all played Pictureka! Everyone had a part to do in emptying the dishwasher, stripping beds and putting on washing and the dryer today amidst lots of groaning and sighing. There was Gadget time allowed in between and some dodging the rain basketball. Smallest's midday football practice was cancelled due to a soggy pitch.

Around the middle of the day we decided to put dinner on and had a roast. The boys helped by making a crumble. Smallest sorted the fruit part out (apple, strawberry and freshly picked by Huffle home grown rhubarb) and made the custard and Small made the topping. It was delicious. While we were making dinner we had a visit from MrsRoyal.

After dinner Huffle and I went out and planted up our new big porch pots with lots of lovely plants. One is planted up with pinky and purples and the other is red and oranges. Hopefully they will be nice once they have filled out a bit. Of course, one small job leads to fifty more and so we planted the daffs from the old pots, moved the old pots to different places, planted a few plants in the garden and planted our red onion seedlings, moved the spinner, put in some supports for the peonies and added a high support for the sweet peas.

Then it was everyone emptying the dishwasher again and filling it, emptying the washer and filling it, emptying the dryer and filling it, making beds and sitting down in an exhausted heap wishing it was bedtime.

We have had two visits from Foxy today and there was definitely one, but possibly two, visits from Ronny Racoon including eating out of our compost bin (the second time we closed the door to the sun room but he came looking through the windows trying to find a way in). Plus Huffle found a frog whilst moving the spinner.

This evening we watched Britains Got Talent.

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