Monday, 26 June 2017

Don't waste space

Yesterday when we were looking for the moon, I checked my planet app which tells me where various planets are in the sky. This made me laugh lots.......

Very childish!

I woke at 7:15am and went to wake Small up. His first words to me were "why didn't you get me up earlier?" EXCUSE ME? Smallest had forgetton to wake him up because he thought he wasn't at school anymore. Today was Small's trip to the Capital Ottawa. He quickly made his breakfast and packed away his last minute things while I made him a packed lunch for the coach. Small said his goodbyes and I drove him to school. We were the last ones there except for one of the teachers. He forgot to kiss me before he got on the bus so I climbed aboard and called him back. I think he knew I would stay until I got one so it was easier just to do it! A couple of us mums stood by the bus and one of the Dads asked if we were staying there until the bus returned on Wednesday. Ha ha. He also told us the kids were not looking at us or taking any notice of us at all. BOOOOO so we left. We gave Small my old phone and Huffle spent most of yesterday getting it ready for him, including holding it under his armpit to get it to recharge. Cool tip if you can't get a gadget to charge after being left for a year or so. It worked. He also installed an app that uses the wifi for calls as there is no data or phone signal on there. We weren't sure if he would call or text but thought it would be good for him to take photos at least. We did get a call this evening but he had to use a friend's phone. He didn't say a lot. His phone wasn't working but the wifi wasn't good. He had got to his room and it was in a college residents building. He had had dinner and that was about all really. He said he would try to call tomorrow. The house is different without him in. It's not quiet because Smallest is our noisy boy but I think even he is missing Small.

I got to stand outside with Smallest while he waited for the bus this morning and so I asked DonNoQuotey why his house wasn't up for sale anymore. He said he got too many calls asking the price and he was fed up so he took the sign down and said if anyone calls in the future he's not telling them how much it is until they have made an appointment to see it! Well that's not going to work. People need to know the price before they look DOH!

I went off to my exercise class at 9:15. It was really good though my arms hurt already as we did a lot of weight and arm work.

ExerciseNic and Smurf (she thought it might help motivate me).

I came home and grabbed Moo and we went off looking for towels. We took some sheets back to Costco that I bought wrongly. I had discarded the packaging and lost the receipt but my membership card had all the information they needed and they just credited my card. Solutions was the next place where we purchased a Bath Caddy (sorry UK'ers I have no idea what these are called over there) and a funky shower squeegee. We left the car in the middle of the car park and walked (very uncanadian of us) to Winners/Homesense. I have now discounted orange as the colour for the towels as there are so many different tones that I don't like. I chose purple, greenyblue and dark grey and bought flannels (wash cloths) to test out the colour in our bathroom. We all decided we didn't like the greenyblue and probably like the purple most though it's a very dark unassuming purple. We are going to Ikea on Friday so will have a look there too. I also bought a couple of presents whilst there. We rewarded ourselves with a coffee and a piece of cake/cookie before coming home.

Quite a dark purple. What do you think?

All morning we have been chasing a storm. The Hamlet had a weather warning and we saw the huge dark clouds and came to roads that had definitely had a heavy rainfall but we seemed to miss it all, until we got back to the Hamlet and we encountered heavy rain, winds and thunder and lightning. Huffle was in the basement and had been in there some time I think. Moo and I were invited to the Volunteer Tea at the school and we were planning on walking there but the rain was so heavy, we struggled to get to the car. We waited for a lull and drove a street away from the school and just missed the heavy stuff.

Smallest had called me earlier in the day to ask if I could bring his music in as he was playing piano for the tea so we actually got there earlier. We had food of cheese and crackers and veggies and dip and cake and punch (non alcoholic). It was very nice and we had the kindergarten kids singing songs for us and several piano players playing tunes and a violinist playing too. I normally hate these things as I don't know anyone and I was glad Moo was there at first. However it seems I know more people now than I think and I had a nice chat and was very sociable. Moo and I stayed through two brief power cuts, incredibly heavy rain and thunder and lightning so bad, the kids were told not to leave the building. Eventually we braved the outside and ran through puddles to get back to the car avoiding the lightning.

Back home Smallest arrived not long after us and we made dinner when we realised his football practice was called off, also due to the bad weather. He did a chore and played on his tablet. After dinner we all played table tennis which was a very funny and loud affair. Moo and I left the boys to play FIFA and we played SkipBo. Latest score is Moo 4 -1 Me. I told her I wouldn't play if she kept winning. JammyBugger!

I think it has stopped raining now but because it is Tuesday tomorrow and it always rains on a Tuesday, it will no doubt be horrible tomorrow too! BOOOO!

Wet blooms today

Tonight a thought to my lovely friend MrsElderflowerMeadow who had to go back in to hospital today. Hoping all is well. <3


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