Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Small went off for his last official full day of elementary school and came home with homework and a bag full of 'recycling' (school work). The rest of his class are not going in to school tomorrow but he has decided he will finish his homework and walk to school, hand it in, empty his desk and walk back. Smallest said there weren't many people in his class today as they were at the ultimate frisbee tournament. He came home with pumpkin stamps on his face!!

Moo and I went off to aerobics and worked hard. I pulled something in my lower abdominal when I was doing a last set of sit ups. I'm hoping it's not too bad! We worked hard and did lots of squats OUCH for tomorrow. When we got home we picked up the paint from yesterday and our shopping bags and headed out.

We tried to paint on the bathroom wall yesterday and it looked like rice pudding, not at all grey as we wanted. Huffle tried a couple of coats and we left it and kept looking at it but it definitely was not the colour we wanted so we took it back today. At first the lady who served us and advised us (who definitely knew we wanted a bluey grey rather than a taupe grey) kind of shrugged and didn't really want to help us. Funny how different people can be when they are selling to you! The main man came to help and painted our paint on the swatch to prove it WAS the correct colour and then added some blue to try and make it greyer. It didn't work so he added some yellow, which also didn't work and added another colour. None of these he showed me. In the end he decided he would give me one of the paint tins back (unchanged) and gave me a credit note for two new tins of my choice. He then helped to find a better colour and gave me three colour swatches that matched the tile (after he scanned the tile to get a colour match). We went food shopping and came home for lunch. The swatches were left stuck to the bathroom wall and by early evening we had all decided on the one we thought was right. Hopefully I can get it on Friday and we can try again. I may get a call from the company but I am to tell them the coverage was bad.

Another lunchtime spent watching a Gotham, poor Moo, each one is worse than the one before. Moo made us a Rhubarb and strawberry crumble and I made sausage, mash and veg for dinner. We got to sit in the garden in the sunshine until the boys came home. Smallest's chore was to pull out the thistles in and around the jungle gym. Moo and I pruned the forsythia and lilac, picked up Smallest's thistles and weeded part of the veg garden.

After dinner Moo and I took small to his football practice and walked until my step counter got to 14,000 steps (obviously that was the day's steps too. I think we walked just over 4,000 while he was practising and we got to sit and watch too). Smallest and Huffle played badminton, Sorry Revenge, Robot Lego and FIFA.

I had an email from one of the teachers today asking if we had any baby photos of Small for the end of year assembley. He doesn't know but these are the ones I sent in. I hope he's not too annoyed!

In Grandad Ic's cap
Dippy Egg in Weymouth
Pirate boy
Potty training with Monkey


* we are trying to teach Moo the names of singers she hears on the radio when we are travelling. We did this with Grandad and it was hilarious. The clue we gave to Moo for one was 'a famous sheep who's button fell off'. ShaunMendes. She got the Shaun but but then said 'sew it'. Yes Moo Shaun sewIt! Another one we tried was TheWeekendfeaturingDaftPunk. We told her it was a Saturday or Sunday and one of our fish's names! She came up TheSaturdays and PeterCrouch. Small would like to see Grandad and Moo challenge each other. It would be very funny!


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Peter HAll said...

Dylan is helping me with the music on the radio. I will be ready to be tested.