Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Iron Man #43

Yesterday at exercise I must have overstretched or pulled a muscle in my bicep as during the night it hurt so much I couldn't sleep and I wanted to cry. It seemed to hurt in my shoulder, my elbow and my wrist and in the end I got up to take some painkillers which must have helped because I slept after that. Today I did go to work but we didn't do too much and I thought it had eased a bit. However, later I could hardly lift it. It was even difficult to drive. Again it eased a bit later after I put some iboorofen gel on it. I'll put that on again when I go to bed. Not only that but when I was sorting the washing out this evening, I jammed my little finger onto the top of the washing machine OUCH that hurt! Either wrap me in cotton wool or shoot me!

The boys went to school. Small has loads of work suddenly piled on him. Apparently this is what they do so close to the end of term in order to fill out the report cards when they realise they don't have enough to report on and have been slacking all year! Smallest has been chosen, among others, to attend a robotics competition at another school. He is quite excited about it as he is new to the robotics club.

This morning I went to work, leaving Huffle working at the kitchen table. Later he was in the loft. We haven't decided where he will go when Moo is here, possibly Small's room for some of it, but when Small is off from school, who knows!? At work it rained heavily (well of course it did, it's Tuesday) and we started our morning with two cups of coffee and a cookie. Nice! When we finally got outside I dug out a huge flox and a thalectrum Aqilegum which I had to take home to rescue them. Then I planted sweet peas, did a bit of weeding and then we had coffee again when it started raining. I picked up my plants that I potted on ages ago and took my rescue plants, plus a bag full of lettuce to eat and came home for lunch with Huffle.

Beautiful clematis we planted today

I FaceTimed Moo briefly, well I will see her tomorrow and then went out to buy grout for MrBasement who will be here Thursday. I made a start on dinner as the boys came home. Small started on his homework and Smallest helped me with dinner.

After dinner Huffle and I took Smallest to his football game where he was told he would be Iron Man tonight. This means he would not be substited but would have to play the whole game (with one other). He was shattered by the end bless him and despite sarcastically clapping the ref for a bad decision, he played very well. Unfortunately his team lost 4-1 but the second half was definitely better.

Little dog sticking his head in the wind

Smallest had a bath (first one in the new bath) when he got home and watched a Simpsons episode whilst soaking. I think he liked it much better than yesterday's shower. He's always been a bath boy and this new one is so deep. He had Epsom salts and bubbles.

Small finished his homework and was playing on his tablet.

New Blooms



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