Monday, 5 June 2017

Yes yes Vite can do it!

I could not get to sleep last night and when I eventually did, sometime around 1am, I only slept for half an hour or so and then came downstairs and read a book for a while and texted AuntyA until 3am when I finally gave in and went back to bed. There I slept fitfully until around 7am, finally getting up at 7:30am to get Small's lunch ready so he could walk to softball practice for 8am. Me and him are going to have to start getting used to getting up earlier as he will be catching the bus before 8am for High School in September. OMG I'm so tired right now!!!!!!!!

Huffle got up early too so he could move the cars around on the drive and then he had to drive after Small as he forgot his water bottle! Apparently his excuse was "it wasn't ready so I went without". That wasn't the only thing he forgot today. He went on a trip to the Hamlets Conservation Park and a Lake and was supposed to bring suitable clothes and boots. He didn't and as such he got wet and bitten by red ants.

MrBasement was here by himself today as L4D had a dentist appointment far away. He prepped the walls ready for the primer tomorrow and laid half of the floor tiles. Between us, we decided to go for vertical as you stand at the doorway. It was easier for him with the line of the bath and we thought it might make the bathroom look wider!?! We really weren't too bothered and just wanted an easier job for MrBasement as the wall tiles were quite tricky. These tiles too were not easy to cut and one of the boxes had five broken tiles in it. We still haven't heard back from the vanity unit people but MrBasement thinks Wednesday could be a good time for fitting it so fingers crossed it will be ready for me to pick up then!

Mid morning I picked Smallest up from school and took him for a doctors appointment which I made when he had his horrible seal cough. We talked about what we do when he gets it back again. Basically, nothing, unless he can't breathe and then we take him directly to hospital, do not pass go........... he has given me another prescription for inhalers as I told him these have helped in the past. He said if we are in a situation where he can't get his breath quickly and we are more than two hours from a hospital, we can give him the inhaler every twenty minutes. It will make his heart beat fast but he says it will anyway and at least he will be able to breathe until he gets his steroids and nebuliser. A bit scary. He also said that hanging wet towels in his room would not help unless the dust is flying around the room and it clings to the wetness, certainly it won't help the air at this time of year, maybe in winter when the heating is on! I got him back to school just in time for the end of lunch which was lucky as he had forgotten to bring it with him.

Huffle and I had lunch together and watched part of a Gotham episode. This afternoon I made fish cakes, lemon aioli and some cheeses potato cakes with the leftover potato. I also put right my knitting and sprayed the sofas to protect them from squishy children and their falling food! I didn't do much else as I was sooo very tired.

The boys came home, one with wet feet and bitten anckles and the other with a plan of a frog garden he wants to create during the Summer and a card from MissMoll thanking him for being such a good bus buddy. Awwwwwwwwww.

MrsPiano came and gave lessons, dinner was eaten in between and we all went off to various football practices. Huffle took Smallest to his practice where he got a white away top and a track suit and I took Small. Small's coach wasn't there as he had the flu so one of the Dads coached instead. Small was everywhere today. He took every throw-in, most corner kicks and played in lots of positions. I walked around through most of the game but kept an eye on it when the pitch wasn't out of sight.


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