Thursday, 1 June 2017

Watch out Chippie, fox is about

It was tough getting up once again this morning. Smallest tried to wake Small up but he went back to sleep and was in a panic when I got up because he had to get to softball practice at 8am. I ended up taking him in my PJ's. As I got back, the men were here for a day of making as much mess as possible and creating humongous amounts of dust EVERYWHERE. They continued with the wall tiling and found the tiles were not easy to cut. I guess this delayed their work because they are nowhere near where they thought they would be at this stage. Disappointing. I have to have a word tomorrow about one part of the tiling as I am not 100% happy. I asked for the tiles to be all in a line and not bricklike but they obviously had too much trouble around the alcove part and so didn't do it there. However, because it is right in the middle of the main wall, it's so very obvious. Maybe it won't be once its grouted but at the moment it stands out like a sore thumb. There was so much dust created everywhere that we had to sweep, swift, vacuum and mop and its still sitting on everything. Wishing it was all done now.

Men Mess
Tiles tap end of bath and shower
The dreaded recess
Does it look as bad as I think it does?

Smallest went to school by himself. Today he performed his dance piece with his group. They created a dance to "milk and cookies", an annoying song. He showed us later. It was very silly. Small has been given lots of last minutes projects to do which will help greatly for his end of term report (though he is sceptical as he heard the teacher say he was doing report cards tomorrow!!!!).

Huffle had a conference call after he had mowed, whilst raking, phone in his pocket and headphones on. Thats multi tasking! I drove my car to the garage as there is now a knocking sound when I reverse plus the steering has a knocking too. I walked home enjoying the sunshine and popped in to see MrsRoyal who asked if I would do some gardening today. I got changed and gardened for two hours mainly clearing the campanula from a couple of beds and then we attempted to make a honeysuckle tree look better by propping up its branches and adding a mirror. It looked good but needs some more thought.

I came home for lunch with Huffle and we watched a bit of White Gold (BBC). I wasn't sure about this on the first episode but the second one was much funnier. I do not like the main actor though. Don't know why. Soon after I drove to Suffolks and did an hour's gardening there before she came home and we had a nice chat and a cup of tea.

Home again and the garage called to say they didn't have time to sort my car but couldn't find the noise from reversing and the knocking on the steering needed looking at. They said they would try and sort it tomorrow but asked me to collect my car just in case they couldn't do it then either. The boys were already home so Smallest and I walked down to the garage to collect it, on the way popping in to see missmoll, LitttleFin and ClownRose.

I made dinner while the boys did their chore, practiced piano and played on their tablets. After dinner it rained again stopping any basketball or football hopes and so we all played SkipBo. Huffle won!



Spanish Chica said...

It doesn't look that bad, although I'm in your camp as I'm OCD about these things. I can't see how they will get around this if they are having problems cutting the tiles. Sorry not very helpful!!

Sarah Tomson said...

Tiles look ok although I can see what you are saying....not sure if it'd look odd if they did it the other way as it'd be half a tile - can you cut out and stick a piece of paper over it so you could see what it might look like the other way (not much help I know 😂) xx