Saturday, 10 June 2017

Email me your lunch requests

We got up earlyish because we knew MrBasement was coming but not when. Smallest watched Up! Small watched TV in his room and then joined Smallest. Huffle and I tuned in to MrsM's radio show and listened to her reading out my question about our lilac standard bush.

I had a message this morning telling us how well each different stall did at Soringfest last night and and we took 278 tickets which was the second best seller. The first being the laser quest. Wahooooo.

MrBasement arrived at 9am and L4D soon after. Today they put the door on, hung the mirror, cut the tiles, drilled them and stuck them on ready for adding the shower door tomorrow. I told him I wasn't happy with the toilet and we have decided we will use it for my bathroom when that gets done as mine is tiny. We now have to find a toilet we like and he will come back to fit it when he does the shelves. We are nearly there!!!

Today was the Hamlet's Garage Sale. Always the second Saturday of June, rain or shine. The whole village does it. So off we all went on our bikes unlike the majority of people who drive around in cars as if they are the only people on the roads, not looking at people walking across the road or cyclists. Just them in their car being self important. We purchased a 3 wood for Small and some woods and irons for Smallest (just $1 a club). Huffle bought a Burton snowboard with bindings for $20. We seem to be collecting snowboards and golf clubs.

By the time we got home, MrB and L4D were ust finishing and leaving. MrB will be back tomorrow and Huffle will need to help him fix the shower door on. We told him we would have pancakes and he insisted he would bring sausages. NO NO! No sausages, just nice fruit and maple syrup - Golden Syrup has run out ;(

It was too hot today to do anything so we lazed around, played on tablets, wandered round the garden, sat on the porch, lunched on the porch, watched the garage sale passers by and generally did not a lot until about 6pm when we headed out to Port Perry for dinner.

Some lovely gorgeousness on our garden today
Favourite new bloomer is the verbascum

Our first attempt had no tables available so we went to a pizza place and had a nice pizza overlooking the lake. We were only doors away from a Gelato place so sampled some (salted caramel, lemon, raspberry, chocolate) and sat by the lake and wandered around aimlessly. Then the boys played a very silly game of hide and seek before we popped to a supermarket for fruit, antihistamines and juice and headed home.

Two tired boys went to bed, a big boy polished his golf clubs for a golf afternoon with MrBasement and two others and we watched TV and waited for the Strawberry Moon. So called because it is a bright full minimoon (strawberry because it coincides with strawberry season) and it sits next to Saturn. Well we waited and waited and Huffle checked and we waited and he checked some more and then finally we saw a fabulous moon with craters etc and found Saturn but it was too far away to see much and then we realised we were two days late. BOOOO. And what did we get for our efforts. A load of bites on our feet and ankles. Something even drew blood on Huffle. Socks for Saturn in future!!!!!



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