Sunday, 11 June 2017

Teetime 12:15

Sunday morning. Get up early. MrBasement came round at 8:30ish and put the shower door on and worked through my list and put things right. He has to come back on Thursday with the shelves and put them up but all in all we are done. Finished. Completed. Hurrah! Oh apart from the painting of it and the new toilet to get.

We started to make pancakes and had to have several attempts as they went wrong. Maybe I was too sleepy or not quite awake. Eventually we had some lovely pancakes for breakfast. A bit of playing on tablets and then by midday, Huffle went off to play golf with MrB, L4D and our previous piano mover. He had a good time and was out for about four hours. It was very hot.

Small and I took Smallest to his football academy practice. We had the lovely shade of the trees and had Rubix cubes and played one really long game of Top Trumps. One of the Mums sat near to us and chatted occassionally and then she went for a walk around the track. I was asked if I wanted to go but said I would if my game ever finished. It didn't, not before they finished but it was nice that they asked me. Poor Smallest had a terrible time in the searing heat and humidity of the midday sun. He had a beetroot red face when he finished and stuck his head out of the window all the way home. We had lunch and watched Britains Got Talent and we had an ice cream and tried to relax and get cool.

The boys played on their tablets and I watched TV outside on the patio and nearly fell asleep (I probably would have if Otto hadn't been pushing his wheelbarrow backwards and forwards. When Huffle got back we filled the pool some more and went out for dinner in an air conditioned pub. The only problem with air conditioning is going back outside as it makes it feel even hotter. Much later we put the air con on in the house but it took ages to cool down. The temperature outside was about 31* with a feels like of 33*. Crazy weather.

Some beauties from our garden



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