Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ronnie eat your peas!

Such a lovely long sleep last night but unfortunately it made me get up late too. Because our main bathroom is not in use right now, Small is using mine (ensuite) so when he woke me and went straight in the bathroom, I knew there was no use in getting up straightaway. So I actually wandered down around 8am bleary eyed. MrBasement was already here and laughing at my sleepiness. MrsPiano visited at 8:30am with a Hugo Boss suit. During piano lessons yesterday she mentioned that she had a suit from her Nephews' Graduation and she wondered if it would fit Small. She didn't think it would but thought we could give it a go. We made him try it on before school and fits like it was made to measure. Phew, no worrying about dragging him around shops trying on stuff. I bought her a lovely Scottish Teacup filled with succulents from work to thank her.

The boys took the bus to school. Huffle worked at the kitchen table and in the loft when everyone came home. Today he got out all the leaves in the pool during his breaks. I went off to work and attempted to pull out loads of geranium fams that were no longer wanted (though this wasn't easy as we had to identify them by colour and it was raining hard). We gave up in the end and went in for coffee and streusel coffee cake. After break we went in the Greenhouse and took cuttings of succulents and sedum.

I really want this for our garden. California something!!!

Huffle and I had a quick lunch. MrBasment left for the afternoon. He has made really good progress today. The ceiling and walls were primed and he finished tiling the floor. The vanity people called to say our unit was in and so I went and picked it up. On the way home I picked up some shopping and got home just as the boys were getting off the bus. Huffle and Small carried the vanity unit and top in and Smallest and I brought the shopping in.

Smallest emptied all the bags and put all the shopping away without being asked. The boys emptied the dishawasher and set the table while I hurriedly made soup for dinner which Huffle had started earlier for me by roasting some chicken. Smallest and Huffle had a chicken, corn and vegetable soup and Small and I had carrot Lentil and tomato but I made it too spicy and we had trouble eating it.

This evening Huffle and I took Smallest to his football match. It was far far away and the weather was horrendous with lots of rain. Small decided to stay at home and do his homework. The journey should have taken us 35 minutes but it took us 90 minutes. Huffle was so mad with the traffic, too many traffic lights not going our way, too much traffic, bad drivers. In all fairness we should have taken the Toll road but Huffle doesn't like to because it costs too much. I think we'll be using it in future. He moaned and groaned all the way there and then through the game as we started to lose. Our Coach was fine with us getting there late which was refreshing because our previous one would have gone nuts. Thankfully Angel was there and we were messaging her on the way and she let the coach know we were stuck in traffic. It rained really heavily throughout the game and the players looked like drowned rats. Actually the spectators didn't look so good either! Smallest played well and hard. The game ended up 5-2 and Huffle was still complaining about the formation. We came home via the Toll Road. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

A house we saw with a copper roof. Fancy

When we got home, Ronnie the Racoon had let himself into the sun room and emptied the compost bin full of potatoes, cheesy broccoli and carrot. He had tipped over the soaking peas for the garden which were a bit made mouldy. He nicely scattered the contents and left the peas. The naughty vegetable dodging rascal!

Small, on the other hand, had written his story, once again about a battle in space but he was very happy with it. He hadn't touched the kitchen as promised before we left "oh I forgot sorry" he said!

Huffle and Pudge Bear warming Smallests bed

This evening Huffle and I watched Paul Hollywoods Continental Road Trip (BBC) in Germany. Brilliant. We like him, he is such a good presenter and obvisouly so passionate about cars.


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