Friday, 23 June 2017

Small's 2015 award*

We had loud storms from around 12midnight until about 3pm and Smallest was the only one who slept through it all. Huffle spent most of the night in the basement. Moo was up a couple of times and I sat up in bed, browsing Facebook and found some coupons to allow us free children admission for various places in the summer. Super.

Small had a fabulous time at his pool party and later at the sleepover but didn't get to sleep until the early hours of the morning when they went back to the pool and ate two breakfasts. He walked home (after I picked up his sleeping bag and pillow) around midday.

Smallest went to school in the bucketing down rain. It was a weird weather day once again. Extremely heavy rain resulting in a river running down our road, followed by intense thick fog which cleared very suddenly on our journey to collect new bathroom paint. We went on to knitting and sat and chatted and knit and crocheted for a couple of hours with a strong black coffee (sooo tired). Huffle worked in the loft and painted some of the bathroom when we got back with some nice grey (definitely grey this time) paint.

Moo and I rushed home so we could pack some lunch to get to Smallest and take his class to the golf club for lessons. However it had been cancelled and it seems no one thought to let me know. NICE! So instead we had a nice leisurely lunch.

This afternoon we went to Homesense and another home shop looking for bathroom accessories and bought a basket/bag for under the shelves to store old towels, a basket for the toilet rolls (every bathroom should have one) and a slimline bin that's fits nicely beside the vanity unit. I didn't see any towels I liked so I'm still on the lookout for those. We also popped to the Charity Shop but there wasn't anything we wanted there so we came home.

Small was still on his iPad where we had left him so I made him get up and do something and when Smallest came home, they played badminton for a while. After dinner we all played MarioKart. It was just us four but after some persuading and intense coaching from Huffle, Moo was playing and doing quite well.

Today's new Blooms

Smallest's football practice was cancelled thank goodness so we had no pressure to do anything this evening. Tomorrow he has a tournament and we have to get out early BOOOO!

*we noticed that one of Small's trophies for last night had on the wrong date. It said 2015-2016 - tut tut!

Thank you for all our lovely comments on Small's Graduation. He says thank you too.


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