Thursday, 29 June 2017

Clap out

It rained during the night and it was raining when we got up. Honestly all this rain is ridiculous. Poor Moo has hardly seen any sunshine yet!

Both boys went to school on the bus this morning armed with their teacher gifts. Moo and I followed shortly after to get to the year end assembly and slide show. One of the teachers takes photos throughout the whole year and then puts a 30 minute slide show on for all to see. Because the Grade 8's were leaving, they had photos of them from babies through to very recent. Very funny and cute. Then we had the clap out. All the Grade 8's went to one end of the school and the rest of the students, teachers as parents lined the corridors to clap them out of the school. We had to wait for Small to collect his report, say his goodbyes and then we were gone.

I was supposed to be gardening today but as it continued to rain with storms threatening, Moo and I decided to leave Small at home (much to his delight) resting and go and visit IKEA. We wanted towels but we were unlucky. We did purchase a few things though including a muffin and a coffee each. A curious thing I have noticed more here than back home, is that when people try to park, they will sit and wait (not caring how long it takes) for you to move from your spot so they can get it. I have seen people wait for shopping to be loaded, kids to be buckled in and phone calls made and still they wait. We had one such waiter today as we were leaving so we out our stuff in the boot, locked the car and walked around the car park giggling like schoolgirls. We think their passenger was watching us too. When they drove away we got back in and drove home. So childish but very funny.

On the way home we popped to the pet shop to buy the fish new filter cartridges (maybe that's why the algae is forming) and a top for me and some wrapping paper for Moo. I also bought a small Christmas present - well its close!

We came home and Small insisted we play badminton. The rain came and went and it was really muggy. Smallest came home with a pile of work books, some thank you notes from his teachers and a few pieces of flapjack. Moo and I sat outside and dodged the rain before going in and making dinner.

After dinner Smallest went off to bed with a sore throat. He looked a bit leaky and tired. The rest of us played Newmarket and Smallest eventually joined us. Huffle and I did a bit of painting and when Small went to bed we played Skip-Bo twice. Huffle won both games. Moo and my games are now 5-1 to her. I'm not playing with either of them now. I'm mardy (fabulous Leicestershire word).


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