Friday, 2 June 2017

Fore Hours plus

First of all, thank you to those of you who answered my dilemma with the tiles. The first thing Huffle did when MrBasement arrived was to talk to him and show him what we thought the problem was. He understood completely and said he was trying to make a feature out of it as it was so difficult cutting them. I asked if he could grout to see if it made any difference. Funnily enough it did make a huge difference. He finished the whole wall and said he would leave it with us over the weekend and if we still weren't sure, he would sort it. Personally we think it's fine but I keep looking to see if it changes in different lights. They only worked for half a day today and mainly it was preparing the walls for the primer, grouting and clearing up.

Today was a PA day, so no school for the boys. One of them didn't want to do anything and was perfectly happy to be on their gadget all morning. Shame I made a one day rule of one chore equals one hour on a tablet. It meant that I could call in chores plus I got the house cleaned up once the men had left. The other just wanted me to play. We started with Chess while I ate my breakfast. Smallest won. Then we played basketball (pigpoo and bump) and then we did considerable bouncing on the trampoline plus a game of football on there too. Completely worn out, I offered a chore for tablet time.

I spent the rest of he morning cleaning the cooker top and kitchen surfaces, dusting and mopping. The boys and Huffle helped to vacuum, swiff, dust and mop too later. Huffle worked for most of the morning and took the afternoon off in order to take us all golfing.

We went to a local course about 10km away (there are at least eight within the same distance of us which is good as none are too full of people). The one we chose today is where we go sledging so it is weird to see it not full of snow. It is a very up and down course and we had no one behind or in front all afternoon. We started at 2pm and didn't finish until 6:45. It was a very long game but we did every hole and it was very tiring despite the fact we used golf carts.

Huffle had to coach us all and let us know which club to use and where to aim etc. At times we frustrated him by bombarding him with questions. Most of the time it was just fun and we laughed a lot (mainly at my crazy swings). I learned that I love to use Small's driver and sometimes it worked well and other times made a huge piece of grass come out of the course.

Smallest got very angry with himself when he didn't do well but he had some lovely shots and was never too far behind any of us. A lot of the time he hit much better than me. Huffle and I mainly drove the golf buggies but Small started driving Huffle around and only narrowly missed a tree this time. Smallest started by occasionally using the accelerator and then moved into the drivers seat and was happily whizzing around the holes driving me around when we knew no one could see. He loved it. He thinks he can drive a car now, although at one pint he dropped the steering wheel and looked behind and said where are we going. Arrrgggghhhh. He too, narrowly missed a few trees. We lost a few balls, two of them in a pond, rescued a few and found some new ones. We left a club back at one hole and another one fell off the back of the cart. I hit myself with a putter, dropped my club down a steep hill while retrieving a ball for Small and nearly hit a bird out of a tree. Between us we hit several trees and bushes and landed in a few bunkers and rough.

All in all we had a thoroughly good afternoon. Normally golf is for Huffle, Small and Grandad. Smallest and I said we were happy to let Small and Huffle go on their own next time but I'm glad we did it.

We ended the day with a fish and chip supper and Smallest fell asleep on the way home. We had to cancel his football practice as it would have been too much for him, even if we had got back in time.



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