Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Two dumps and you have to go to church

Another fitful night's sleep arrrggggghhhhhhh. I had so many dreams and none of them made any sense. Everyone got up early again. I moved my car onto the road, Huffle moved his car onto Otto's drive, MrBasement and L4D arrived together and parked on our drive but away from the trees. The tree men arrived at 8am and took up most of our drive and proceeded to cut down two of Otto's largest trees (apparently rotten inside). It took them until about 2pm.

Small and I went to school and waited for the softball team to assemble. Then I took him and three other boys to the tournament. The tournament was for all the local schools. Small got to play three games and they won one and lost two. They played well though and the sun was really hot. I got too much sun and burnt my neck. In between two of the games I drove off to the lake front and had myself a little Gelato. I came back in time for game no2 and game no3 which were straight after each other. I sat on the bleachers (yes that's the word for benches in baseball) with another Mum and constantly told the time when asked many times by the umpire. Why she didn't have a watch I don't know. She asked me about my watch, what I was eating, was I enjoying my lunch and that my lemon water was really healthy. Now I know where to find new friends, at the baseballs diamonds! Because they lost their last two games they didn't get through to the finals and we went home around 1pm. The four boys in my car tried to make me go for ice cream or to MacDonalds, basically anywhere but school but I took them back anyway.

At home the trees had gone (huge space in the cedar hedge now and sky where the other one was) and the tree men were just clearing up. MrBasement and L4D were taking a load of old bathroom stuff to the dump and picking up the new skirting board (base boards). They took away another load for the dump tomorrow (MrBasement told me that you can only take one load at a time or they charge you double. I heard 'if you take two loads you have to go to church'). The vainity unit was taken into the bathroom and MrBasment squashed it against L4D's face and squished his glasses. I couldn't watch, it was painful!

Needs the top adding with sink
Tiling done but needs grouting
Floor tiles grouted

I was very tired today, too much sun, not enough sleep. But I slowly made dinner and screwed the handles on the vanity unit. The boys came home, did a small chore each and played on their tablets. Early evening we had a visit from Ronnie Raccoon who was licking the inside of our compost bin despite us emptying it yesterday. Naughty Ronnie. He then had a face off with the cat from across the road called Atticus.

After dinner, Smallest and I played badminton and watched part of a film. Whe he cleaned his teeth, I fell asleep and the I got into his bed and he read th beans to me and I fell asleep again. Huffle took Small to football practice. The coach was late so Huffle stepped in and gave them some passing to do. Small wasn't overly happy with real coach's session when he did turn up. Too much standing around around waiting.



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