Friday, 30 June 2017

I shot a chipmunk (with water)

First day of the Summer holidays and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. It started out raining and looked really dull and we almost cancelled our gardening morning. I had a lovely lie-in and was the last up but Moo was only minutes behind me. After breakfast Huffle disappeared upstairs for a day of working and Moo, Smallest and I played Newmarket. Small watched and practiced a card trick. I made the decision to go gardening after all and we all piled into the car. I thought I would take us the scenic route but the road was closed half way down and we ended up going around in a huge circle until we got to Suffolks. Moo and the boys helped and we had weeded, jiggled the soil and did some tidying and cutting back all within less than an hour. What a fabulous team I have.

I rewarded them by taking us all to a Frozen Yoghurt place and letting Moo buy us FroYo's ( I forgot my money) and we sat and played Simpsons Sorry while we ate flavours such as Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Red Velvet, Champagne Celebration, Maple. We came home for some lunch which the boys ate in front of the TV.

As the weather had turned into a hot sunny day and there were no signs of the storms forecast, we went to the local tennis courts. It was a bit too hot for tennis but we persevered. Moo hit Smallest even though she was on his side. Moo hit my hat off with a wild ball and Smallest fell over and then got hit by a ball from Small's racquet. We had water and a small chocolate bar each. It was fun but hot and sticky.

When we got back Smallest and I went in the pool. It was only 21* (70F). Very cold, like frozen water but it did cool us off. Small sat by the side and helped to vacuum. I swept the bottom of the pool and Huffle got in to his waist and cleaned inside. Then he Backwashed and Rinsed it so it is ready for chlorinating tomorrow morning.

I came in and made a quick reheat dinner and went and showered. All the boys went to football practice and Moo and I had dinner and wine by ourselves, followed by a game of Skip-Bo that I won (YES). The score is now 5-2. Moo went for her shower and I sat on the porch and watched Holby and had a visit from MIssMoll with a wild bunch of flowers she picked for me. ClownRose's husband said "ooh looks like you've caught the sun today" and ClownRose leant towards him and whispered something and he looked sheepish and she said "won't happen again". Very funny.

Moo and I sat on the porch listening to a scrabbling behind the fake shutter (we thought it was a mouse in the walls and later found out it was a spider. Eeuuugghhhh that's horrible. I think I would prefer a mouse). I sat with one of the kids water squirters and squirted the chipmunks when they tried to eat from the bird feeder that is only accessible to woodpeckers and nuthatches. The crows, squirrels and chipmunks all feed from it now the naughty little pests!



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