Saturday, 3 June 2017

Party People

Everyone was very tied after yesterday's golfing adventure. I was the first to rise this morning at 8ish, followed by Smallest. The other two weren't far behind but it was obvious not much was going to be done today.....Until we realised it was 'beautify Hamlet' day and I had volunteered our services, much to the disgust of all, to litter pick at 10am.

After breakfast we trudged along to the Community Centre, picked up our gloves and bin bags (garbage sacks), got a sketchy idea of where we should go and headed out. Smallest and Huffle one side of the road and Small and I the other. We ended up following an older man who kept jumping in the ditches to get stuff out. He seemed most perturbed that we had stolen his 'bagsied route' and even argued a bit about where we should go. We just went along a different road and left him to it. Most grumpy he was! We picked up two and a half bags full, deposited them and picked up our cookie reward. We were asked if we wanted our photo taken to show we had taken part but we refused. They thought we were shy but we knew we had done it and that was enough for us! The person who was the organiser of the whole event sat in his car and picked up the bags we left by the road. The lazy bloody bugger!

We came home, had a cup of tea and a sit down and the boys played basketball and trampoline. We decided to go out for dinner to a local pub. While we were out we bought a new badminton net. This one doesn't have poles or string and can easily be moved around the garden. The instructions said it could be assembled in five minutes so we set the kids a challenge. It took them 15 minutes and Huffle and I had to step in but they did well (ish). Once the net was up we played for a while but it was very warm outside.

Huffle and I left the boys at home and went off to look for soil and plants for our new planters. We did really well and found just what we wanted, plus I picked up some plants for Suffolk's garden. We also went to the Beer Store and picked up some beer and wine to stick in the cellar (its really a very small cupboard).

Early evening we all walked to the other end of the Hamlet for the end of year Cubs BBQ. In reality it was a camp fire with marshmallows and s'mores. (Biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow). No one really wanted to go but I made them as we struggle as a family in social situations. We normally shy away from them but I don't think that's very good for us. Although we didn't sit with everyone else (the fire was too hot to sit next to for us) we did stand and chat to one of the parents/leaders and played American Football with some of the kids. We walked home past another party that we were kind of invited to. Across the road a bit is a young couple who put a flier in our mailbox to say there was a party tonight at their house. They were having a 'smoker' which would cost $25 each person and we were to let them know if we wanted to buy any tickets. The money was being collected towards cancer research and the lady was cycling to Niagara to raise money. We had to RSVP two weeks prior to us receiving the invite so we didn't really know what to do. Once again no-one wanted to go but I said we had to but at the last minute I changed my mind. They live next door to ClownRose and she knew nothing about it plus when we walked past there were just a few people sitting on chairs. One step at a time!

Small piggy backed Smallest because he had stitch
Rabbit in our garden
Resident fox

I can't wait to get the bathroom finished but it's been nice not to have noisy messy men here today and nice not to have to clean floors and worry about dust getting into Smallest's room.


This evening we heard more horrific news about London. This is getting ridiculous.



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