Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Don't kiss snails!

I had a dream about returning a Rubix cube to Tesco and they were asking me how long I wanted to wait for a replacement or for it to be fixed and then I was woken up by Smallest. To be fair one of our Rubix cubes is broken but it's a bit sad that that's all I ever to dream about!

The boys went to school. Small now has mainly free periods where he reads a book he has already read in order to get a slightly higher mark for his report card. Today he brought home a schedule for his Graduation Trip. They are going to Ottawa and it looks like they are mainly going to museums. One of the evenings they have a dinner dance and he has to take formal wear. Ooh fancy! I hope the weather is better than it has been just lately. Today we had rain, hot sunshine, thunder, more rain, more sunshine, lots more rain and some sunshine. Very weird unsettled weather.

I took Moo to work after the kids went off. We had a brief time in the garden digging up Colchicums before we got rained on and went in for early coffee and a brownie. Eventually the rain stoped and we got to plant, weed and pick strawberries. We had to go in for shelter when it thundered and rained again. At some point the rain stopped very briefly and we went home for lunch with Huffle who had the usual Tuesday Boiled Egg ready for us. We brought home lettuce, a jar of horseradish sauce, a silphium (cup plant) and a stachys.

A very rainy potage
Lovely climbing hydrangea

Moo helped me plant up some plants in our garden before we came in to escape the mosquitoes and Moo went on rain watch to keep an eye on the washing. Of course, it rained again. I don't know what's happening with the weather, it's officially Summer tomorrow!

After dinner we left Small at home watching the Blue Jays and playing on his tablet and took Smallest to his football game which was another far away place. This time Huffle went on the Toll road which was much less stressful, quick and easy. Smallest's team lost but they played hard. The pitch was awful, bumpy and rough with more weeds than actual grass. The ref was terrible and it was the first match that we have been to where our Coach shushed the parents when we should have had a penalty. Smallest played exceptionally well as usual and I made him and Dan men of the match. We got rained on. It was quite cool too!



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