Monday, 19 June 2017

Zero to both is the score

At some point during the night, Huffle decided to put the fan on as it was very hot. Unfortunately our ceiling fan has the light attached so when you switch the light on, sometimes the fan comes on. Also when you turn the fan on, sometimes the light comes on. Last night I was startled awake by the light. I wondered what it was.

The boys went to school. Both are winding down now. Small found out that it's pointless to go to school on Thursday (his graduation from Elementary school) as there would be no work to do and no one else would be there in his grade. Ummmmm. Smallest got invited to a paintball party this coming weekend and is very excited. I had to sign the obligatory waiver saying he could be shot, blinded, disabled and I would not sue. Ha! We'll see about that!

Huffle worked mainly from Small's bedroom and was found skulking by the barn when his new solar lights from Vietnam were delivered. I helped him to string them and have no idea what they will look like. We'll have to wait until the sun goes down or maybe even tomorrow when they get some solarness.

I left Moo doing washing and went to my exercise clas which is normally in the afternoon but we switched it around. Although my arm is better after last week, I did trap a nerve in my shoulder and it is now suffering. ExerciseNic made sure all the exercises we were doing were not hurting me though.

Once home, I had my shower and Moo and I went to get our hair cut. Moo likes her hair being cut here and I only have mine cut once a year (except it might have been longer!). Moo had a lovely cut and I had half of my hair cut (ie half the length). I think I had about five inches off but it needed it despite me saying I wanted it on my shoulders, it's a little higher than that but nice.

We came home for lunch with Huffle and introduced Moo to our occassional lunchtime viewing programme, Gotham. I'm not sure she was impressed and to be fair it was a bit weird today. We went to the paint shop and picked a white/grey for the bathroom. The greys were so varied it was difficult. We popped to the cafe for a coffee/tea and went in a couple of shops before coming home. We bought Small some shorts and Smallest some ice poles (freezies).

Moo sorted washing and sat in the sunshine while I made dinner. The boys came home. Smallest helped me to clean out PeterCrouch before setting the table and playing on his tablet. Small cleared the table before Smallest set it and he too went on his tablet. No piano lessons today, I thought I would give them a break after their recital.

After dinner Huffle took Smallest to his football practice, I took Small to his football practice and Moo went with Garfunkel to the Garden Club on my behalf and learned how to prune.

Lovely second flowering from our clematis

Small's team won 2-1. He was the Captain and he organised his team very well. They only conceded a goal when small came off for a break. I walked round and round the track until I did over 12,000 steps and then sat and watched the game. Towards the end there was thunder and lightning but they carried on playing.

We currently (10pm) have a storm warning that lasts until the early hours of the morning. Small got up not being able to sleep as it was too warm and too noisy. Huffle disappeared into the basement. Smallest slept and Moo went to bed.



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