Thursday, 22 June 2017

Demamerma Sugar

Smallest woke up Small at 7am only to be told he wasn't going to school today. Small went back to sleep. Smallest went off to school by himself which is what he will be doing for the next four years. Awwwww. Mid morning we got an automated call from school saying that someone in our household had missed the morning attendance call. (We actually got the message on our landline, mine and Huffle's mobile and then on email - at least we know if they never get to school we will definitely be informed, no chance of ever skipping school these days). I made a call to the Secretary who said "aww your baby is graduating, I remember when you first arrived here..........."

Huffle helped me to upload the photos for the year end assembly and worked in the loft. Moo advised me about ironing and I ironed everyone's outfit for tonight while Moo swiffed and sorted the dishwasher and kitchen. Small finished his homework and biked to school to hand in his asssignment and empty his desk. His teacher pretended he didn't see him. There was only one boy there today and he was grumpy that Small was allowed to stay off.

Moo and I had a couple of games of Skip-Bo (3-0 to her so far). This afternoon Small made some flapjack for his party snack later. He had a list of things he needed to do like clean his shoes, shower and get his overnight stuff together.

When it came time for getting ready this evening it was a big kerfuffle of shining shoes, tying ties, defluffing suits. Everyone looked lovely.

We had to get to the ceremony for 6pm in order for the Graduates to be photographed as a group. There was an awful lot of just standing around but as I knew most of the parents and teachers it wasn't too bad. I got plenty of photos. They had to make a procession to walk up to their seats while the band played though they were missing their Tuba player (Small is their only one till next year). There was a speech by the Principal and then each student was called up to recieve their graduation certificate.

Next they had the award ceremony where Small picked up awards for Science, French and Music. Considering there were only fourteen graduates, he did really well. Three of them picked up most of the awards and for once I was pleased they didn't give them out to everyone in a very inclusive way. He also got $150 and that was what he was most pleased about. Huffle and I were very proud of him, Moo had to wipe away a tear as he walked to his seat and Smallest whooped when he got his awards.

After we had a bit of food, we had to dance with our graduate. So that was me and Small. It was nice because we had a chat and a laugh and although it started quite awkwardly, it was okay once we got started. We were asked to leave so the students could enjoy their party. I know that Small just wanted to get on to the next party which involved a pool and pizza.

Back home we put Smallest to bed who was a little star this evening. Good as gold, supportive of his brother and looking very smart too. What a lovely pair of kids we have.

Huffle picked up Small at 10pm and brought him home to change and then took him to his pool and pizza party and sleepover. Have fun Big Bear, you deserve it. See you tomorrow.



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Sarah Tomson said...

Love the all look fab (love your dress)

Well done small, can't believe how tall he is (maybe he should be renamed tall 😂)