Saturday, 24 June 2017

Englands No1

I was the first one up this morning, followed by Moo who went to wake up Smallest. Today we went to Smallest's Football Festival. We packed some breakfast, coffee and snacks and drove off to some very boggy fields for five hours of football. The recent rain had made huge puddles everywhere but luckily it was a beautiful day today so it didn't matter too much that our feet got a bit wet. Our camp was at the top of a hill under the shade of trees with a nice breeze around us. We were asked to get there at 9am for a 10am game but I think that was so they could make sure everyone was there and not rushing. We got there around 9:15am and the team were milling around before their team talk and some passing practice.

At just before 10am we all moved our chairs, picnic boxes etc down the hill, through the long grass, into the bogginess and down to the pitch. The team played well and won 3-0. Our referee was a woman and she missed a few tackles much to the disdain of the other teams' coach! Smallest played well but not so hard that he was exhausted. The pitch wasn't full size and the goal was nice and low. Everyone then marched back through long grass and the bogginess, up the hill and back to camp for some relaxation. Huffle, Small and I went off to get lunch for our campers and found a tiny little TimHortons where we purchased bagels and donuts and drinks which we took back and ate in the sunshine. While we were gone the kids had been playing with our Wind Cricket Ball and it had somehow got stuck up a tree. To try and get it down they threw their own footballs up there. Consequently there were three footballs and our cricket ball up there and they were throwing a huge piece of wood above their heads. A man climbed up in the end and got their footballs down but our Ball is still up there, too high to get down. I tried to talk to one of the Dads about it but he was so rude........... I can't even write about it he made me sooooo very mad. Every time I saw him after that I said RUDE MAN. He was French apparently. IDIOT!

The Team

We had reading, playing, eating and relaxing and a bit of time playing with Angels baby. At 1pm there was a parade. Not really sure why but all the teams congregated on the fields and a bagpiper piped them round while they held various flags of their teams. Then there was a long speech about.......... wish I could say but Small and I watched while the kids paraded and then walked back up the hill to camp. Smallest said it was very boring and they had to sit on the wet muddy grass. He was not impressed.

The Piper

His next game was at 2pm and this time we trudged to a different pitch but still though bog and long grass. This game we won 6-1. We were on fire! Our referee was a short, bow legged, kid-counting man. Every time the subs came on he counted everyone. EVERYTIME. And he made them come on and off into middle of the pitch in a straight line. REALLY? 10 year olds at a FESTIVAL!? Since we were winning easily, the coaches switched the team round and Smallest ended up in goal. He kept waving at us from goal. Huffle called him Dodgy Hodge a couple of times but he didn't let any in and the first thing he said as he came off was 'I didn't concede any goals'. He enjoyed it but he said he wouldn't want to do it too often.

No43 and DodgeHodge

Back up the hill we trudged (starting to feel like 'we're going on a bear hunt'), a quick word with the coach and we were able to come home. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic but we got home eventually. While Smallest showered and had a play we sat on the porch. Huffle even managed or get a few plants in the garden while I watered them and pulled a few weeds.

Geranium. Allium. Gaillardia. Stocks. Penstemon

We all went out for dinner of a burger at our favourite local place. Fabulous chips and mine and Moo's burger was delicious. On the way we picked up some new eye drops for Smallest. Smallest and I went in and left everyone else in the car. We had to wait for ages so we were messing about taking photos and waiting for our buzzer to go off to let us know it was ready. When it did go off, Smallest laughed so much he trumped. Smelly rat!

Three kids in the back
Smiley faces

Back home Moo and Smallest played badminton, Small played on his tablet, I cleaned out PeterCrouch (he was starting to get algae on his glass and we think it might be from the direct sunshine he's getting. Need to keep an eye on that. Might have to move him. I helped Small pack his bag for his big Graduate Trip to Ottawa on Monday. He is tired and has the beginnings of a sty on his eye. Moo says it's because he's run down. I say he's run down because he's tired! I made him go to bed earlier than usual but now he has a TV in his room, who knows what time he turns it off!!!!!

Smallest went to bed and us grown ups watched Now you see me. We only watched half of it but do far it is really good.


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