Sunday, 25 June 2017

Storm Chasing

I had a dream that Huffle had made a huge jug of waffle mix and when I came downstairs, it was all ready for me to make. However, in reality, I woke up to Huffle snoring ha! Of course, it was sign and I had to make them. Yummy breakfast.

Smallest's football practice was cancelled due to all the activity yesterday, however he wasn't going to go anyway as he had a party. At 11:15 Huffle dropped him off at his friend's house in the Hamlet and they went Paintballing. He had a fabulous time but has come home with a huge bruise on his arm and one on his forehead, plus he had a headache where the paintballs hit him on the back of his head. He made the birthday boy cry by hitting him with paint. Whoops.

Lovely lily

We all went into the garden to do some weeding and cutting back. We probably got about an hour in before there were the biggest splodges of rain falling which turned into hail and thunder. Just as I was starting to wonder if we could go for a lakeside walk too!

Weird bobbly clouds

We decided instead to go out for dinner at a place about half an hour away but when we got there we were told it was brunch buffet until 2pm and we didn't fancy the brunch so we went to a shop to bide some time and then went back. Small is still struggling with his stye so we picked up some expensive eye stuff for him in throw away capsules so it's easy for him to apply while he is away. We got the pharmacist to check it too.

We took our SkipBo game with us but didn't get time to finish it before our dinner came. Yum yum. We tried another shop on the way home. I've been looking for my No7 moisturizser which is sold here (cheaper too but they always seem to have trouble getting it). That's three different branches I tried too.

Back home Moo ironed Small's shirt for tomorrow's trip and the boys watched the Blue Jays until it was time to collect Smallest who had a bath once home to ease his aches and bruises.

Boys went to bed and we finished our film from last night and tried to look at th tiny sliver of moon through the telescope. We saw it but it moved so fast we lost it quickly.


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