Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cookies and Coffee for breakfast

After smallest went off to school, Moo and I rushed off to work for the morning. It rained before we got there and it rained as we arrived. MrsM decided we would have coffee first and of course we had to have a cookie because Jan had made them for us. The rain stopped and we got to do some gardening. We filled four huge planters with Summer displays and weeded and planted some annuals before we got rained on again and we had to move inside for coffee and cookie no2. We did get out again but we also got rained on again. Bloomin' Tuesdays - every time! I came home with a Carolina All Spice (been looking at this plant for a while now) and a Ratibida (which has been on my wish list for ages).

We came home for lunch. Huffle was missing as he had a call in the loft during lunchtime but he had boiled us some eggs. We sat and watched a bit of Pitch Battle but not for too long as we had end of year baking to do for Teachers Gifts. Today we decided to make White Chocolate Muffins (Smallest's choice) and Gingerbread. I had bought mugs earlier in the year and six Gingerbread fit just nicely inside with a muffin sitting on top, all cellophaned together. I know teachers probably get mugs all the time, but I hope they like them. I sorted out Small's teacher first as I don't think he will be there on the last day.

Moo started clearing up the sun room as we had a spill in there and we threw away stuff and tidied it and cleared away in the kitchen before Smallest came home from school. We made meatballs and LentilVeg balls (very yummy) with a tomato and garlic scape sauce and pasta.

Tonight was a football game for Smallest. It was the worst game I have ever seen and we had some terrible ones at our previous club! For some reason they swapped the opposing teams around and we ended up playing the same team we played last week. For ten year olds, they were incredibly tall, some of them twice as tall as our players. We lost about 7-1 though we can't be sure as we lost interest in the second half due to the Coach putting Smallest in goal AGAIN! He is not a goalkeeper, he has never had any goal keeping training. I really hope they don't keep doing this as I won't be able to not say anything! However he did do really well and managed to save some goals but still!!!!!........

This evening we watched so you think you can dance.

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