Friday, 16 June 2017

Pallets and Cucumber Pins

Smallest had to go to school early so he could get to his Robotics Competition. He was very excited and chatted all the way in his rooby roo voice. His team got sixth place out of fifteen and a medal. He was pleased and had fun. He made a catapult that could fly over a wall! Small got to teach one of the Grade 5's how to play the Tuba so he has someone to take his place in band when he leaves.

Huffle worked from home and cut the grass and tended to the pool. Moo and I went off early to the Mall to look for a dress for me for Small's graduation. I don't want anything too special as it would be nice to be able to wear it again and I didn't hold out much hope as I am a peculiar size and shape. However, I didn't realise how peculiar I was until I started trying things on. Also we got to Mall too early as the shops don't open until 10am. WHAT?!? Oh yes I had forgotten. So we started with a coffee which was too hot to drink so we had to be very Canadian and wander round with our lidded cups. We probably went into about ten shops (bearing in mind I'm not really a clothes shopper and I don't really know which shops are good and which are bad!). I tried a few things on and one was okay and we said we would remember it if we couldn't find anything else. Mostly all the things were horrendous and it should really guilt me into dieting.....................

We did end up with two dresses which were so cheap it doesn't matter if I don't ever wear them and one of them just had too much material but we wondered if a bit of sewing might make it better. We are going to have a look tomorrow to see if we can do anything. I have a pair of shoes that go with everything and I love them dearly but I can't find them. They would have been perfect for Graduation as I have to dance with Small and he is so tall and my shoes are so high. I hope I find them.

We met up with Suffolk and two of her friends for a birthday lunch. It was very nice and relaxed and we stayed for ages before coming home in time for the the kids to get back.

Huffle had been in the pool. I could tell because his shorts and towel were on the line. That prompted us to go and see if it was warm enough. It was 24* and Smallest went straight in, a dive bomb. I followed (brrrr). It was cold but once you got out and sat in the hot sun (31*) and back in the pool again it was nice. Small came in and was followed by Moo. There was plenty of silliness and just as Small got out to play on his IPad, Huffle came in too. We bought some nice chairs up and sat and relaxed for a while watching Smallest and Huffle play before we went in for dinner.

This evening we left Huffle watching the BlueJays and went into the loft to film our Fathers Day Spectacular. We cannot say anymore ..............................



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