Friday, 9 June 2017

The day I forgot my mum was coming

I had a fabulous night's sleep but Huffle didn't as he had too much on his mind including the elections. Why is that keeping him awake, we don't even live there anymore.

The boys went to school, both of them winding down now for the end of term. MrBasement and L4D arrived and tried to finish the whole job. Baseboards (skirting boards to me) went on, fan got connected, side lights put in (plus they found a wire that didn't seem to be connected to anything so they chopped it, now we have to check every plug and light to make sure they haven't disconnected something we use). The bath was scrubbed clean, hooks, towel and loo roll (toilet paper) holders went up. I had to sit on the loo to check where the holder should go but I did it in a dignified lady-like way. Everywhere was caulked (pronounced cocked which provides Huffle and I much amusement whenever it is used). For those that don't know caulk, it is sealant used around the bath etc. The sink backsplash (or is it splash back I always get that wrong) was added and plug and plumbing sorted. The shelves are being built this weekend. The toilet is in. However when they were putting the shower screen up they cracked two of the tiles (apparently porcelain is the worst to cut and drill - must remember that for future projects) and the tile cutter was at MrB's house (20 minutes away) so they had to go to fetch it, bring it back, cut the tile (of which we had only one left spare) and put it up. Of course, it couldn't be THAT simple. Th only one left and it got cracked too so Huffle had to go out later that night and buy three more (just in case). Tomorrow he will come back and drill it and secure the screen hopefully. Why does it feel like the bathroom is taking soooooooo very long to do. How people do their whole house is beyond me! One good thing is we now have a bathroom that works, despite there being no door, so I put loo roll, soap and a towel in so at least the boys can use it if they get up in the night. I'm not completely convinced about the toilet yetbthough. It seems awfully small and the cistern doesn't hold much water. I asked Huffle to use it to see if it could cope.

Side of mirror lights
Vanity unit
Funny little pixie toilet :(
The bath looks square! It's not.
Nicely painted ceiling, lights and fan

As I was getting ready to go to knitting, Moo FaceTimed me. At the same time Huffle was trying to change the password on our google account and my phone was telling me what the code was and did I want to authorise it blah blah blah. I had to tell Moo I would call her back but then nearly forgot and straightened my hair instead. DOH! I called her back and we were chatting and I showed her the bathroom. "I'll see it Wednesday" she said. WEDNESDAY! THIS WEDNESDAY? Poor Moo. I just did not realise where we were in the month. I barely even know it's June, let alone the date. I am so brainless at the moment. Anyway, Moo is here on Wednesday. It's a good job she called me because I didn't know what time her flight was due in or what her flight number was. Whoops. I told her not to be offended, that it was a busy time. EEEEEEK!

I had a lovely morning at knitting when I finally got there and ShopKeeperEl had just the wool I needed to finish my sock. We had a laugh and a good knit and I popped to the nearby cafe and bought lunch for Huffle and I as I know he is busy and we didn't have time for dinner tonight as it was the school fundraiser SPRINGFEST.

We had lunch on the porch. Huffle has almost got the pool up and running. He filled it but there was a leak where the skimming basket is so he needs to seal it or maybe he needs to caulk it ha! It's been another really hot day again today so I guess the pool will be needed as soon as the water warms up a little. Huffle went back to work and I poddled around not doing much. We now have a family of raccoons in the upper part of our barn. Huffle saw them peeking out yesterday. That's why they were coming looking for food. I'm a bit scared for me and the kids as that is where we go through to get to the pool though Huffle thinks they won't come out unless we look like we are threatening the babies. He told me to jump in the pool if they try to attack me. What! Has he seen the state of the pool? Full of yucky leaves apart from the fact it would be freezing cold. No way!

I heard the little girl from next door crying and shouting Daddy and went over to see if she needed anything. Bless her she's only about three, if that, and she was crying because she couldn't find her Dad. I took her hand and we wandered around the garden which was an absolute hazard with wood everywhere, a drill plugged in, wire dangling, ashtrays filled with cigarette butts. It was disgusting! I tried to make light of the fact her Dad was nowhere to be seen by pretending he was hiding but I was fearful of what we might find. Had he collapsed, was he drunk, stoned??? Anyway I let myself into his house and shouted as loud as I could and he emerged saying "oh I was looking for her". YEAH RIGHT! I handed her over and asked if he was okay and he said OH YEAH CHEERS. No thank you for taking care of her, no I'm sorry to put you out. The bloody weird idiot. When it comes to children, I have no tolerance for things like that. But what can I do? I don't want to start anything. His gate was open, she had no shoes on. When I opened the door of the house I was doubly disgusted. It was dirty and there was stuff everywhere. Oh boy!

Late afternoon we all went off for the school big fundraising of Springfest. A yearly event run by parents. Most years we do the 'ping pong in the jar' game with prizes of sweets and small gifts. For some reason we were forgotten this year despite us volunteering our whole family ages ago and having several discussions with members of the committee. However, I filled the car with jars and ping pong balls and when the kids came home and had a quick drink and snack, we headed off to school to set up. The sky was black and a storm and rain were threatening. This fundraiser is a rain or shine event but when there is thunder?

Luckily we didn't get any thunder just a bit of rain. When we arrived, there was no table for us, no set place to go so we put down our jars and set off inside to find someone who might know something. The Principal was very nice and said we could choose our spot seeing as no-one knew anything and we were given a table, some sweets and gifts and we set up. Once again our game was THE most popular thing there. Kids came back again and again and again and even though they knew the prizes were terrible, they still kept coming back. I would not take most of them to a casino when they are older as I think their houses would be on the line! We took an awful lot of tickets for a game that was forgotten. Once again it meant that Huffle and I saw none of the Springfest as we spent all of our time on the game. We were shattered by the end and the boys and I cleared away while Huffle went off to the DIY shop to pick up three more tiles for tomorrow.

The boys went to bed and Huffle and I finally sat down to an air chip butty and a cuppa at 9:15!!!!! Zzzzzzz





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