Sunday, 18 June 2017

Little Bob Big Shorts*

This morning we made Huffle's Fathers Day breakfast of thick toast and various spreads. It was a very nice change to what we normally have. Afterwards he opened his card and presents. Plants (knifophia, hollyhock and primula), a spoonerfly for the garden, some fudge and a painting from Smallest. Plus we gave him the big smurf from the garage sale last week which was at DonNoQuotey's house, which he was very pleased with. We sent Huffle onto the porch to chill while we set up the presentation.

Today we performed BritainsGotTalent. The sofa was set with our Union Jack tablecloth with upturned ramekins for buzzers and a foil covered bowl for the golden buzzer. Smallest was dressed in a suit as DavidWally, Small had a shirt open showing a hairy chest as SimonCoward. Moo had on a low dress as AmandaHolding and I had a long dress and hair up as AlyeshaPixie. We played our video, beautifully edited and put together by Small and ad libbed through the performance with Huffle watching as our audience. I think he liked it.

We all cleared up and got ourselves slowly ready for Smallest's football practice. The weather started off today with extremely heavy rain and a bit of thunder but by the time we got to football it was scorching hot again. We found a place in the shade and played Top Trumps. Moo is truly one of the Jammiest game players EVER! At the end of the practice, Smallest gave one of his coaches a packet of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps that Moo had brought over for him. His Dad is from Leicestershire so he knows walkers very well and was extremely happy but said they probably wouldn't get home before he ate them all.

Feeling hungry, we headed for our favourite pizza place and all had a calzone. Yum yum. After our dinner we went out to the lake where we were stopped by a security man and told we couldn't have a BBQ without a licence. It was very busy and our aim was just to wander the beach and sit and relax (as Smallest had forgotten his shoes and was still wearing football boots!!). However the beach was gone due to the very high water levels of the lake. There was nothing. Instead we sat and watched the kids playing on the Splash Pad (not ours as they were either too old or not hot enough). We tried to push Moo in the water fountains but she knew what we were trying to do and managed to escape. *So we watched a tiny boy with shorts too big who was desperate to join in the fun but a little too scared to go through the water jets. It was nice just sitting and chilling and laughing at the little ones.

Back home we chilled on the porch with an ice cream and had a visit from MrsRoyal. We watched the final of BritainsGotTalent and the boys went to bed.


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