Wednesday, 28 June 2017

You'd let him eat out of a whatsit!

I forgot to mention yesterday an incident that happened in the kitchen. Completely all my fault but I set a silicone cake case on fire. I burnt my hand taking them out of the oven and dropped one. The cake fell on the floor and the case fell into the flame of the gas ring. It burst into flames and Moo threw a tea towel onto it. It went out eventually but not before the case disintegrated into a pile to white ash. Weird. I thought silicone would melt. Seems not!

This morning Smallest went off to school on his own. He better get used to this now as he has another four years of going to school by himself. Huffle worked at the kitchen table and in the loft and repaired the leak in the pool. Today was a really hot day and the sun room got to 30*. Moo and I went to the last aerobics of Summer. There is a long break before I go back again in September. I will miss it though she has given me a challenge of 3 minutes of arms circles, a one minute plank and 10 press ups (push ups) a day. Phew not sure but I will try. She gave us all a little thank you for being so flexible when she had to move things around when her Mum was ill. Silly billy, but lovely thought.

We put two full lines of washing out to take full advantage of the sunshine and went out to do a food shop. Moo had a very squeaky trolley today. I was starving and bought far too much. Huffle and Moo put it away when we got home and we had lunch together. No watching Gotham today as Moo and I had to get to school in order to take Smallest and two of his classmates to the golf. As it was a lovely day we stayed and watched. Smallest had his new clubs and he did really well. The first half was driving and the man showed them how to stand, how to hold their clubs and how to swing. The second half was putting. The boys did much better than the girls at the putting but the girls were better at the targets. They stopped for snacks in the clubhouse and Moo and I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine but in the shade before we took them back to school.

We had just enough time for a cup of tea on the porch before Smallest came home with his school report. All excellents and a lovely paragraph from his teacher. Seven A's. Six A-'s. Four B+'s. One B and two B-'s. Super proud. Well done Smallest. We get Small's back tomorrow.

Smallest had asked if his friend Ew could come round and we tried to call him but there was no answer so after Smallest and I made flapjack for his class tomorrow, we drove to his house and picked him up. He was only going to stay for an hour but he ended up staying for dinner and I took him home around 7pm.

Small called us from the coach to say he would be home a couple of hours earlier than expected. Huffle picked him up from school and he instantly wanted to go and play Football. I guess being on a coach for four and a half hours he would want some fresh air and a run around. He had a fabulous time, loved the museums, took lots of photos and came home with change from the money Moo and I gave him. After dinner Huffle took him to his practice and Moo, Smallest and I finished off the teacher presents, Cleaned up the ktichen and played badminton.

A few photos from his trip



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