Thursday, 15 June 2017

It's only five hours to Alaska

Huffle went in to the office this morning. The boys went to school. Smallest presented his Wolverine (the animal not the superhero) project to his class. Smallest had a presentation from MAD which talked about drink driving. He said it was pretty much common sense but I think it's an important topic to discuss.

Moo and I had a nice late breakfast whilst waiting for MrBasement to come and put the bathroom shelves in. He spent all morning here building them and fitting them and I was very pleased with the results. Previously he wanted to make them out of melamine but I wasn't convinced and so he bought wood and I think it was a good choice.

I took Moo for a walk down to Garfunkel's house as she had gone for a forest walk last night and picked some wild rhubarb (she knows I like rhubarb). We had a nice chat with her and came home with a bag of lovely rhubarb. Plus she is going to take Moo to the Garden Club on Monday for a pruning demonstration (and goodies of course) because Huffle and I will be at football with the boys. I'm hoping she remembers some of it to tell us afterwards.

When we got back MrB had nearly finished and came and had a cup of tea and some chocolate with us before going on to his next job. After we had lunch we went off to Costco for a few bits. Today we got to try some Chia Seeds in yoghurt (yuk), some cantaloupe melon, sweet crisps and Moo had some berries that were too pippy. We also popped to Solutions for bathroom stuff. We picked up three baskets in the sale and an Eggy Boiler.

Still needs painting

We got back just in time for the kids coming home. We made fish cakes for dinner and afterwards played badminton and set up the golf net so the boys could try out their new clubs. We came in in the end due to too many mosquitoes.

Lovely blooms



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