Saturday, 17 June 2017

MrBenn and the Tornado

For some reason we all got up early today. We decided as it was going to be a busy day, that we would have pancakes (well Moo decided, as we gave her the choice of breakfasts this morning). Everyone helped and we sat and merrily chomped our way through them.

Smallest and Moo played table tennis and Small and I made a start on Huffle's 'Father's Day thing'. It took us most of the morning and Moo and Smallest joined us and helped. I think we are all ready for Fathers Day now bar the fact we didn't have any present for him at that stage.

We weren't going to go out this morning but as the boys had their piano recital this afternoon we decided to go out to Port Perry and look for presents and go for an ice cream. It was hot and Moo and Huffle went off for ice cream while the boys and I went to the farmers market to see what we could find. We didn't do so well as I ran out of money so we got an ice cream, found Moo and Huffle and watched the dragon race that was going on at the lake. The boys and I went to a few more shops and finally got in the car and went off to the Recital.

Today there were six kids playing. They all did well and you can tell their pieces are getting harder. We had snacks (cheese biscuits and strawberry Shortbread yum yum) and drinks (lemonade) afterwards and a chat with everyone. We left just as the rain started and a few rumblings of thunder and then on the way home we had a storm warning, then a tornado and hail warning. Not long after we got the unmistakable siren on the radio informing us of a tornado nearby and to go home immediately which scuppered our plans to get Huffle something else. He had to drive though zero visibility rain, thunder and lightning and bearing in mind he does not like storms one little bit, he did very well shielding his eyes from the lightning, peering through the rain and trying to find the road. It was not very nice but we made it unscathed.

Ew and Smallest
The recital boys (the other three were girls and were not allowed on the same seat as them!)

We sat at home waiting for the storm to subside which was heading straight for us but in the end it missed us and we went back out to pick up some nice bread for tomorrow's breakfast and tonight's tea. The boys chose some nice plants for Huffle while he went off for supplies. Outside it looked like there had never been a storm nor rain. The puddles had dispersed and the sun was out again, just a little less hot. Weird!

We watched Britains Got Talent with our tea.


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