Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I stamped on his foot!

Several times a year, we get phone calls from charities asking if we can donate clothes or household goods. More often than not, we don't have anything to donate but this year we have had stuff and have said YES WE WILL DONATE. They tell us someone will contact us nearer the time to let us know when they will be in our area. A couple for days before the date, someone phones again and tells us they will be with us tomorrow and what time they would like the package on the doorstep or roadside. Then a couple of hours later we get another call saying "sorry we don't collect in your area". This has now happened to us a total of three times this year and yet they still call us. Obviously when they first call they have no idea where we are locationwise and whether or not they collect because I mentioned it to them when they called last time. They assured me they would be in our area. Today we had two phone calls. One saying they would be here tomorrow and the other saying oh sorry, no collections!!! Wallies!

Another scorchingly hot day today. Everyone was tired so Huffle stayed in and worked trying to catch up on yesterday. It was frantic but not as busy as tomorrow as he has nine meetings to attend (electronically). The boys and I sorted washing and played table tennis, Lego Creationary, Blokkus and Carcassonne.

Mid morning I took the boys food shopping and they helped to collect things, push the trolley and pack. At home they put the shopping away while I made a dinner which we ate at 2pm due to Smallest having an earlier game this evening. I made chicken nuggets which were 'better than a restaurants' and for Small and I, I made fish rocks. Nice with homegrown beans and cous cous.

This afternoon we carried on with the games and then while Small played on his tablet, Smallest went in the pool. I sat and watched him under the shade of the parasol and using my new drawing paper the boys bought me for Mother's Day, drew him in the big inflatable ring.

We had a game of catch too. He said the water was 26* which is very warm but I couldn't get in because I wouldn't have had time to get dry and showered before football. It was nice to sit in the shade though and his wet ball was keeping me cool.

5pm was manic and we all made sandwiches and snacks for our football tea. I cut Smallest's hair as it was bothering him and our hairdresser is in Cuba right now! I think I did a fair job but don't tell Moo as I won't let her near the kids hair. If you have seen photos of me when I was little, you will know why! I also sorted out Smallest's nails (too long) and creamed and plastered his toes (from too much chlorine at the weekend). All bags packed and we left the house in time to get to football in time using the Toll Road (rush hour is very very busy and we desperately needed to avoid all traffic lights). We got there in time which is more than could be said for the coach who arrived late.

The team worked well together mainly and it was certainly a better game to watch. They lost 3-2 but they worked very hard, well some of them did. It's a shame that Smallest doesn't get to play next week (we are on holiday) but hopefully they will remember how well he did with different players.

I know his hair doesn't look great here!!!



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