Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A room full of lights, and a big oozit

Thank you to my one reader for letting me know every time the blog isn't posted. I don't know what I would do without you.

Well today was rather miserable weather-wise. Typical as Small had an outside football theme going on today at camp and Smallest and I were at work. I took Small to camp where they decided they weren't allowed outside today because of the storms so although he heard about them from the leader, he didn't actually see or hear any. One of the campers was sitting in a corner playing with action men and reading and so Small took him to one side and played with him.

Smallest and I went to work with Jan and MrsM. Before we really got going, it rained and then Smallest got stung by a wasp. It was a bad one and really hurt him. MrsM immediately put Benadryl on it and then we wiped it off. Earlier today I had given him all his allergy medicines because he barked like a dog. I blame his room because he leaves stuff all over the place in piles and all it does is collect dust. I can't ever get in there to clean because of all the stuff. So having given him antihistamine already, we soon realised we shouldn't be giving it to him in a cream too. Instead he had ice on it and two pieces of cake, though the cake went on his tummy and not on his sing. It swelled and was painful so after an hours gardening, we gave up and came home, plus it started raining again. We also had storms.


At home I made a paste of baking soda and applied that and after we did a good tidy, dust and vacuum of his room, he went in the bath. Today I got bitten by several mosquitoes and one next to my eye. So far it's not bothering me, who knows what it might look like tomorrow! We all had lunch before the big clean and then I made a soup while Smallest had a relaxing bath. Huffle worked hard and we didn't see a lot of him except when he made up boxes to put Smallest's stuff in.

Mid afternoon I picked up Small who was annoyed I was late picking him up although I was in fact early. He forgot to mention that I needed to be there at 3:15 because I am normally there early, just not today!

This evening I got everyone fed by 5pm so Huffle and I could go out for a Cold Play concert in Toronto. The boys looked after themselves with some additional backup from ClownRose. We also made sure Small had his email notifications switched on so we could email them from time to time. I really did not want to leave them but I knew they would be fine. Neither of them have issues being in the house without us (not like me, I hate being in the house alone).

Huffle and I decided to get the train which was nice and relaxing. We got into Toronto around 7pm. There were two acts on before ColdPlay. AlunaGeorge and IzzyBizu. We just saw a very small part of Izzy and all of AlunaGeorge who was very good and we recognised some of her stuff. We were in the Rogers Stadium which is where the Blue Jays play. HUGE! The stage was enormous and a part of it came out into the middle and then there was another tiny stage at the back.

I wonder how many photos I have of the CN Tower

We have seen ColdPlay before in Leicester and they were brilliant. Huffle and I have bought all of their albums apart from one. We like the older stuff better than the later stuff but they are incredible live.

We were given wristbands that lit up during certain songs. The whole place looked amazing. We were supposed to give them back but I wanted to keep mine. I want to make it work so I can dance in the kitchen with my lights flashing.

Truly amazing show. Thank you Huffle and thank you my lovely boys for being such good companions to each other.

Think we might be tired tomorrow.


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