Thursday, 3 August 2017

I didn't hear 12 dobs!

Small's toe, this morning, looked weird and bruised and all puffed up, a well as it being a strange angle. So after breakfast, me and the big foot went off to the Emergency Hospital. Parking is charged by the hour at $1.75 and after the third hour you don't have to pay. The doctor appeared just as I put my 2nd hours worth in. Typical! I packed a bag with snacks and water, IPads and playing cards. I was prepared for half a day! Luckily, daytime emergency is nothing like nighttime. We were in there for just over an hour and most of that was waiting for the X-rays to get to the doctor. All in all he either has a sprained toe or a very slight fracture. We have been told to ice it for a week and have it xrayed again if it is no better after 5-7 days. Poor thing can't walk properly and now we make him wear a slipper (he can only find one!) and he slip slides around. To be fair it does look and feel much better but time will tell.

I left Smallest at home with Huffle working upstairs. I knew he would be bored because he is not great at watching Tv or playing on his tablet for long periods of time without someone there to hear 'look at this?' 'Can you help me with that'. Huffle did manage a game of table tennis with him but he was very fed up when we got home. He had wanted to go cycling today but with Small's toe, there was no way we could go. He also wanted to go in the pool but we had a couple of storms so we couldn't go in.

After lunch Smallest came with me to pick up a few things like binders and a locker lock for Small for school and vitamins for everyone. When we got home we biked to deliver a condolence card for someone in the Hamlet and biked back. This afternoon we played Pokemon Trainer and I am now the Pokemon Master (ha! Grandad I have stolen your title). We FaceTimed Grandma as she wanted to know how Small got on at the hospital and chatted with Grandad too.

The boys packed their holiday bags while I made dinner and watched In The Dark (BBC). This evening we all played Disney Monopoly. We abondoned it when Huffle became bankrupt and decided we would finish it tomorrow. Also this evening DonNoQuotey had an OpenHouse again. We have now seen photos of the inside and it has changed considerably since we looked at it. They had several people come to see the house.

Huffle, Smallest and I went for a short walk up the hill and back and I went and visited Yoda next door to tell them we were away.

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