Friday, 18 August 2017

Amazingless Grace

I took Small to his last day of this week's camp. He received his camp t-shirt, certificate of CPR and instructions for next week. He learned new games and had another talk, this time on Communications. Wish they'd done one on listening!! We also found out that he will not get his 40hours community service as advertised but only 25 which is a little bit annoying but at least it's a good portion and he has the opportunity to do another one next Summer and become an Assistant Councillor (just found my spelling before was incorrect) and after that he can be paid for being an actual Councillor once he is sixteen.

Smallest was waiting for me when I got back and let me eat my breakfast while we played a game of Chess. Chess before coffee is a ridiculous notion because I completely lost concentration and started giving away all my pieces. I put up a good fight with a few mere pawns but lost in the end (to a ten year old - grumpy face).

Today we decided to go and check out the Maize Maze. It was miles and miles away albeit through beautiful rolling hills of countryside. The road seemed to go on forever but eventually we parked and went into the shop. After waiting for a woman to push in ahead of us, we were told there was no Maze until Labour Day weekend (early September). I had looked on the website which was useless and did try to call ahead. The website said they were closed for Winter which is ridiculous since its mid Summer and the phone went to answerphone and said email because they don't always check messages daily. So imagine how annoyed I was to be told "closed for Winter is just a funny thing based on the fact the maze is Game of Thrones themed". Right, well I don't watch Game of thrones (will do one day), I don't understand the winter theme and considering someone had said the same thing as me that same day - huh!

We were both really disappointed and I didn't really know what to do as we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Port Perry was the closest place we could think to go and Smallest suggested a walk and I suggested an ice cream. So after a good drive again, we sat by the lake eating our ice cream and then went for a walk along the water. It was nice and we laughed a lot and tried not to get too muddy.

Salted Caramel and Lemon Sorbetto
Coulds, lake bridges and flowers and a silly boy who pokes his tongue out when I take a photo
More clouds and lake and reflections and a strange flowery thing

On the way home we stopped to pick up a gift for LittleFinn as it's his 2nd birthday tomorrow. We had lunch (Huffle had already had his and gone back to work) and then we played a couple of games of MarioKart online. One race I came second but mainly I was last.

We both went to pick up Small today. It was very hot and humid. Back home we started on dinner, washing and cake making. ClownRose asked me to make a Courgette Chocolate Cake for LittleFinns birthday and some mini Muffins for her freezer. She thinks I should start a Hamlet cake business. I started at 4pm and I sat down at 8pm. I made LittleFins cake, Her freezer Muffins, a lemon Courgette cake and chocolate Courgette muffins for us and our freezer. I also made dinner.

It took me over an hour to clear up from the baking. Smallest helped me make everything. He is so good in the kitchen. He gets my ingredients out, whisks and stirs and prepares tins. ClownRose and MissMoll came round to collect the cakes and I gave them some homemade soup, courgettes and they brought me a lovely bunch of flowers from their garden.

After all clearing was done, I sat outside and folded laundry and had a visit from Yoda next door. We sat and had a gossip but had to stop when the mosquitoes started biting.

Huffle and Smallest went to football practice tonight. Smallest had a good session where they played 9v9 with offside rules and throw ins. We think they are preparing for next season.


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