Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Eric likes Bananas

Huffle had a headache and felt sick during the night and had to get up for painkillers. He is not right now but feels better. Small also felt headachey and sick but felt better once he got up. I had waves of sickness during the day. Eeuuugghhh have we picked up a bug? We are all very weary and tired but I think that's because we've gone from late nights and late get ups to suddenly having to get up early. Huffle says it's a good preparation for High School. We need to go to bed earlier!

It was an even earlier get up this morning as Smallest and I had our breakfast BEFORE we took Small to camp and then went on to work from there. Today we worked very hard cutting back a tree/shrub to make pea sticks, weeding and clearing a patch in the veg garden. For break we had a cake with peach and streusel topping that was without the normal pumpkin spice (as Jan knows I don't like cinnamon and some of the other spices hurt my throat - aww bless). I took my lemon and Courgette cake in plus some chocolate Courgette muffins for them to try. One of the cats died at the weekend so the one that is left is feeling very sorry for herself as she has never been apart from her sister.

We came home for lunch which Huffle had already made and started without us. He was very busy today and we didn't see a lot of him. Smallest watched TV and I watched some Top of the Lake (BBC) and then Smallest and I made Macaroni Cheese for dinner later. We played MarioKart online again for a while before I had to go and pick up Small.

Small had a good day and learned some more games and had a talk on accessibility. Tomorrow is a first aid day. He is still enjoying it and he told me all about his day on the way back. When we got home, Smallest was chatting to Moo on FaceTime and Small took over when I had a visit from MissMoll, LittleFinn and ClownRose. MissMoll brought me some mint from her garden to make a tea with (it was yummy and settled my tummy), she wrote me two notes thanking me for letting her have the vegetables while we were away (she did pick then) and some homegrown tiny potatoes she had grown.

While I continued making dinner and talking to Moo, I let a pan of water overflow. I do this regularly. We have a drinking tap at the sink and it can be turned. I tend to turn it so I can fill a pan and I forget and the water overflows and goes on to the worktop and floor. Sometimes I tell the kids I am filling so they remind me but today I forgot that too! I could hear something trickling but couldn't figure where it was until it was too late. The water had almost reached the living room before I realised. The boys helped me clear up and we used so many towels and tea towels that we filled the washer. Small put the washer on for me. He has done his good deeds for today and then later he cleared the table and emptied the dishwasher but that was more for staying home alone and not coming to Smallest's football with us.

After dinner, Huffle and I took Smallest to his football game. It was a terrible team line up. We always get there 30 minutes before and so Huffle and I had a walk around while the team had a kick about and warmed up. There we saw a community garden (allotment) and were interested to see it but we couldn't get close enough to see. Shame but nice to see it there. The game - started well but finished bad. Ended up 4-3. Smallest never got taken off and played the whole game without a break (apart from half time). He was shattered and fed-up. He worked very hard but he missed his teammate Dan who was playing for the other team that lost 5-1 (against oldCoachs sons team who incidentally spent most of the game on the bench).


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