Thursday, 17 August 2017

Vienella Cor-net

Everyone is really struggling with tiredness. We just can't get back into getting up early. YYAAAAWWWWWNNNNN

I took Small to camp and he spent the morning learning First Aid and then took his test. He passed and got 22/25. Well done Smallest. He gets a 90day certificate so he can attend camp as a councillor next week and then a proper three year certificate in the post. He had a good day and he was yawning plenty all the way home, in between excitedly telling me what he had done. It's good to see him enjoying it.

I managed to cram my breakfast and a shower in before I took him so I was free to play a game with Smallest when I got back, along with my much awaited coffee, we played Rush Hour which is a puzzle type game where you you have to get the red car out of a mess of other cars by just sliding them back and forth. It hurt my brain.

Mid morning we went to Crockadoodledoo which is a Pottery Painting place. We had 10% off vouchers which also gives money to the school. We haven't been to this one before and the last time we did pottery painting was about four years ago. We chose our pots first. Smallest struggled to choose and despite me making him promise he wouldn't paint a money box (he has so many) he did indeed choose a money box monster called Ben. Bit it is different to his other money box monster, honestly! He painted it in a Stoke top based on PeterCrouch including Peter's Lime green boots but he put his surname on the back.

I painted a spoon rest as you can never have too many (even though HB doesn't know what one is!).

We had a lot of fun even though the paint smelled of fish. I would definitely do it again though it cost us $56 but we were there for a good couple of hours. Smallest is signed up to make a birthday tile for free on his birthday.

After we finished (it will be ready on Saturday) we did a quick food shop and came home to put it all away and have lunch with Huffle. Smallest watched TV and Huffle and I started watching something on the IPad but we were interrupted by the lovely HB. We had a good chat with her until her dinner was ready.

Smallest and I played a game of chess which we had to postpone so I could get Small. I magically won when I got back and then we played another and he won. The road, as usual, was full of muppets. Overtaking on hills and corners, weaving across the road too busy texting or drinking coffee, not indicating, not being thoughtful. I could go on and on and on (and I usually do). Normally in th morning we listen to Small's preferred radio station (in the car, as in the kitchen its my radio choice) but just recently it has been switching between two different stations. One is a Toronto based station and has three men who always argue and laugh all morning and it's very funny and the other is a country and western station based in New York. Today we could only get the New York one. I wonder if it's weather related?

The boys helped me with dinner. I made shepherds Pie de-constructed but with turkey. It's horrible, I hate turkey, it smells so bad (to me) but they liked it. I got them both peeling potatoes and carrots and getting pans out. They played on tablets and the Wii.

After dinner we all played MarioKart and then I insisted we went for a walk. It has been raining since lunchtime so it was a bit wet and cool but we have wellies. Huffle turned us around though when he heard a distant rumble of thunder plus I got bitten by a mosquito.

Our garden. Doesn't do it justice but unless I get a drone I won't get a better photo.
Wet walk. Smallest is like Peppa Pig jumping in the puddles!



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