Sunday, 13 August 2017

Buddermilk or box of milk?

Another hot hot day but with nothing to do. Ahhh luxury. I made pancakes for breakfast with the help of Smallest, my sous chef. Fruit and table preparing was done by Huffle and Small.

Mid morning Huffle took Small laptop shopping for High School. They went to a shop that boasted a sale on the one they wanted but when they got there, all sale laptops were hidden in the back. What's the point of that? Well they got one anyway and on the way home Smallest phoned them to ask if they could pick up some buttermilk for some bread we wanted to make. In the shop he asked "do you have any buttermilk". The lady could not understand him and thought he had asked for Box of milk. She apologised when she realised after Huffle spoke in a very slow manner.

While the talls were away Smallest and I made Lemon and Courgette Cake, Chocolate Courgette Muffins and Courgette Soup (which will have a nice strong Cheese in it before we eat it). We only used two of the nine courgettes we picked yesterday and there is still a bowl of grated Courgette for the bread!!! We rewarded ourselves by playing a few games of MarioKart until the Talls came home.

Lunch was had and then Huffle and Smallest played table tennis and we went into the garden and did some cutting back and weeding whilst surreptitiously watching the Open House at DonNoQuoteys. Today he had two viewings but the Realtor made him stay away this time. 'Banished?' I shouted at him as he was parked away from the house while someone viewed inside. "What does that mean" he said. Then he understood eventually (probably after he had translated my English to Canadian) and said he hadn't heard that word for a long time. I told him it was the Queens English.

Smallest helped us a bit in the garden before playing on his tablet and Small set his laptop up. Huffle and I FaceTimed Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Grump whilst sitting on the porch. The Open House had finished and DonNoQuotey was serenading us with his geetar!

After dinner the boys played football and Huffle and I sat and watched and fought off the mosquitoes. Football was stopped when Smallest slipped and fell on his neck. A bag of frozen peas and Americas Got Talent made it all better, thank goodness.



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