Saturday, 26 August 2017

I thought you were going to say CatStevens

Weekend is here but no lie-ins for us today. Small had a football tournament with games at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. Huffle had been asked to step in as Coach as the usual useless full of excuses Coach could not make it. I made a picnic in case we had to be there all day and Small made breakfast for us all. We left the house at 9:30am. There was no room to practice or warm up or have a kick about really so Huffle took the boys aside and explained he was different to their other coach, that he would shout at them and tell them what to do and in no way did he want to come bottom because bottom meant they had their first game tomorrow at 9am. He wanted to see them come off the field tired and done because otherwise they wouldn't have worked hard enough. It seemed to work as they played hard. The first game they drew 1-1. Huffle was happy and the team were happy. One of the mums brought do-nuts for everyone afterwards. It was a very entertaining game despite the fact Smallest and I were laughing at the fumbling goalies on both sides. One of the dads came to give Huffle some advice (but obviously didn't offer to coach when asked previously).

We chose to come home instead of sitting around in the heat of the day waiting for the next game. Our journey was 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back so we got just under an hour at home. The boys played on tablets, had a cooling drink and some lunch and I bathed my swollen eye which has been running all morning (allergies I think). Huffle had a lie down as he is still feeling rough and then he had a bit of lunch too before we set off again for game no2.

This time they found a small space to kick around and everyone turned up on time apart from one who said he was going to his Grandmas cottage! This game was a 2-1 win. Everyone was very happy. We had a goal disallowed due to offside but considering the team said they were going to win 4-1 like they did last time, our team did very well. Once again we came home and had just over an hour. Small got hit on the leg and had a cooling shower and put his leg up to rest until we went off again for game no3. Huffle and Smallest played FIFA and I blogged. My eye was still running but not so sore.

Game No3 was dull and boring and all the players, both sides, were very tired. It ended 1-0. So we got a win, a lose and a draw and we ended up in the bronze playoffs which will be tomorrow at 1pm. Phew, at least we don't have to get up early. One of the players mums came and sat with Smallest and I for the last game and she did not shut up. She tried to get everyone doing a Mexican wave (beating mind there were about ten of us). She was whooping and hollering and shouting instructions (which made no sense) to the team. She hasn't been to any of the other games or practices because her son won't let her come because she is too vocal! She had complained about our proper coach and had altercations at her other sons tournament. Oh dear, I hope she doesn't sit next to us tomorrow.

Huffle had a last talk with the team about tomroow and we came home to let Small have another shower and get changed. Our washing machine has died so later I had to handwash both then boys football kits and MrBasement has the repairs in hand though he does have to order parts! We all went out for dinner to a local establishment.

Back home the boys watched TV and I went to bed for half an hour (sooo very tired). Smallest read to me when it was his bedtime. We are still reading Gerald Durrell. Such a lovely, funny book.

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