Saturday, 19 August 2017

Huffle says you're gooner get a beating

A nice sleep and a nice lie-in. Nothing much to do but watch the Leicester City Game (2-0) and the Stoke game (1-0). Huffle and I did some harvesting after breakfast and in between the games. We picked a huge Swede (rutabaga), loads of garlic that Small planted in the Autumn (Fall), space tomatoes (that were given to us by the school after the space project brought back seed from space), seven courgettes (zucchini), beetroot, beans and cucumber. It was a plentiful harvest today. The red onions are looking good but not quite ready yet. I skinned, de pipped and blended the tomatoes ready for a sauce and put them in the freezer for another day and the garlic is hanging in the sun room drying out

Hard to believe this young man was born in the city of Leicester as he wipes his bottom on my LCFC scarf!

MrBasement came round midday to have at look at our leaky basement. Lucky he did because it was the worst it has ever been and water was running like a river. He turned the water off and soon realised it was the fault of the water softener machine or rather, the fixings of it. He went off to look for the correct pipe and fixed it for us. It's a good job we know him and he is so good to us. Goodness knows how much that would have cost if a plumber had done it. He stayed for a cuppa and some cake (he hates Courgette so he was pleasantly surprised) and also went home with Courgette and cucumber.

We went out for a mid afternoon dinner and a quick supermarket pick up before going to the lake front and having a wee walk.

Happy with the Stoke result, Huffle posts on Facebook to all those Arsenal fans
Perfect attire for an afternoons tricycling

Half of the lake front was really windy and the water was wavy but the other half was calm and hot. Weird!

We walked past the fishermen and checked out the newly established waterfront open air free cinema which looked very fancy. We walked along to the lighthouse and the along the beach where the boys piggybacked and skimmed stones.

That's not a freaky part of my hair but the top of the lighthouse

No-one had suncream on, I didn't have a hat or proper walking shoes on so we turned back on the beach and walked back to the car. Nice to get some fresh air though.

Back home Smallest and I played MarioKart, Small and Huffle played on their tablets and we all relaxed for the evening.

We had a brief visit from ClownRose to pay for her cakes and give me a can of beer.

Birthday boy LittleFinn eating his cake



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