Sunday, 27 August 2017

Walk like a MrBean Indian

All the boys got up to watch the Stoke game and I snoozed for a little while longer and had a nice shower before coming downstairs and making pancakes for breakfast. The game was disappointing and boring (so the crowd said).

Just a few bloomers. The dahlia has been blooming all summer long

The football kits had to be handwashed yesterday because of the broken washer and so had to be dried on the clothes horse, then the sunshiney washing line and then finally a quick blast in the dryer, a mere minute before we left the house.

Off we all trudged to Smallest's academy practice where there were a lot of drills and we played Go Fish while we watched and laughed at the fact that Small couldn't say the word Thief. It kept coming out feith (even he was laughing), it reminded us of when he used to say rhinoferous for rhinoceros when he was little. Small and Huffle had their lunch at the practice and when it was over we rushed over to the tournament for Small's last game. We were playing for a Bronze medal and had to play on an AstroTurf pitch which wasn't good. The game before ours resulted in penalties because it was a 0-0 score and ours ended up the same way. Small took the first penalty and SCORED. They got no medals as they came fourth out of eight teams. Not bad.


There was a BBQ afterwards which was terrible but we came away with a packet of crisps and a can of fizz. The boys all had a burger but threw it away, it was that bad. That's Small's football season over now and he wants to look into refereeing for the autumn/Winter season.

We came home for showers and a Skype with Grandma and Grandad before calling our favourite pizza place and putting in an order so it would be ready for us to eat when we got there. It worked, we only had to wait five minutes for our calzones. Yum yum.

At home, Huffle mowed the grass, the boys played on their tablets and I did some cutting back and weeding in the veg garden and the front garden. I picked another eight tomatoes and six carrots plus a couple of rogue beans.


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