Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Poo in the pool!

Huffle went off very early to take his car to The Tire. They fixed it there and then. It was a loose bolt and a piece of rust. All fixed now.

The boys had some tablet time while I made a chocolate Courgette cake for our afternoon visit to Angels house and pool. After breakfast we moved all the things we took out of Smallest's room and put them in the basement or loft. During the night, last night, Smallest came out of his room to use the bathroom and hit his toe quite badly on the box on the landing. It looked quite sore this morning, hence the movement of everything. We tried to take FaceTime Moo but our internet was playing up today.

We had a quick bite to eat around lunchtime before heading out and leaving Huffle working. We went to play in Angels new pool. There were supposed to be lots of the kids friends but only us lot turned up. The kids had a good play in the lovely pool. I got to have a nice relax and chat and then LittleAngel fell asleep on me so I got to have a snuggle for about an hour.

Back home late afternoon, we tried to do something with our pool (still green) and Smallest fell down the steps and hurt his bum AGAIN. He went in for a bath and I finished making a soup I started yesterday. Small helped me with tasting, getting bread and setting the table.

This evening we all played Carcassonne and I won again! Huffle and I went for a walk and left the kids playing. We also sorted a load of photos from the computer and had a reminisce about Disney.

My friend Suffolk has been in England for the last four weeks. Last night she was due to fly home but they wouldn't let her out of the country because her Permanent Resident card was out of date. I thought it was a ploy to stay there. Her hubby and kids had to fly without her.


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