Thursday, 31 August 2017

In the hole!

Huffle took the day off today and we made the decision to go and play golf. We didn't rush, we had a nice slow breakfast, some TV, some tidying, some picking of tomatoes and depositing them next door (not Otto's obviously!). I think we finally got out of the house around 11:30am.

Two carts, three golf bags full of sticks ;), lots of balls to lose and a found bag of tees that I managed to get through very quickly by breaking one per hole! Poor Huffle has to work very hard when we play golf. He has to tell us all which clubs to use, find our balls when we hit the trees or bushes and correct our stance etc.

Smallest and I had one cart and swapped over a few times. He says I'm a terrible driver but he has some learning to do with steering and speed. Smallest and I soon got used to using a driver to tee off, an 8 or 6 if we needed to get it closer, a P for near the green and a putter to get it in the hole ;) I am an excellent putter but a useless driver (though I got better and then worse again). Small hit so many trees and bushes it was like watching a lumberjack. Smallest got very frustrated with his hits but did get better and had some lovely drives. Everyone was getting tired and it was quite windy.

We stopped for lunch, let some doddery old thing go in front and held up a father and son (who then brought back one of our clubs when we left it at the previous hole).

All in all it was a very good day. Last time it took us five hours to do 18 holes and this time (including a lunch stop) it took us 4.5 hours so we must be getting better. We lost as many balls as we found and were given a bag of tees from the tractor driver.

Back home we all made burgers and air fries for dinner. After dinner we watched the first Pirates of the Carribean film with the intention of watching them all one after the other including the new one that we didn't get to see at the cinema. I don't think I have ever watched them all the way through. To be honest, I nearly fell asleep at this one!



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