Sunday, 20 August 2017

Spiced up Jazz

A nice morning of waffles, eating and lazing until late morning when Huffle and I took Smallest to his Academy practice and let Small stay at home with one job of tidying the blankets and cushions in the living room. Did he do it? No, he forgot until I mentioned it when we got home. So we gave him a penalty which was to make Smallest's lunch while he had his shower. He was not impressed and I'm not sure he's quite my friend again yet! Of course Smallest took full advantage and ordered a milkshake and a sticky cheese sandwich plus crisps and ham on the side.

Smallest's practice was good and they again concentrated on the 9v9 format. The Head Coach came and spoke to us and asked if we were planning on being around for the Winter. We said we would. I guess that's so he can make a decision on who he has to get rid of as the club will be looking to lose between six and eight players. Huffle's says that's easy, he could get rid of loads more. Hopefully that's a good sign for Smallest not that I would expect him to be asked to leave (I'm biased of course but I think Smallest is one of the better players there) but he will have to go to the try outs which I believe is the end of September. Smallest worked extremely hard as usual and we brought him home for lunch.

This afternoon we went to Unionville for the Jazz Festival. It was a very hot day and we did well to stay mainly in the shade. We listened to a few street performers after a cooling Gelato before finally stopping at RaneeLee who was a very good singer. Apparently she is an actress too and played Billie Holiday in a film in the 70's. We heard about three of her songs before walking to find a band called Busty and the Bass which are a Toronto R&B Jazz Funk with some rap chucked in for good measure. They were excellent and I shall be looking for their new album. The boys liked them too. We sat on a wall and although we weren't in front of them, the sound was good and we could see them and their instruments from the side. Trombone, trumpets, keyboards, drums, guitars, voice changer - curious combination but it worked. Some of the songs reminded us of Jamiroquai which of course is good. It was a perfect place for people watching. There were lots of drunk (we assume) women of a certain age dancing wildly, curious women with big lips and eccentric dress and hats and men who talked too loud behind us. Honestly. Why would you go and watch a band and then stand and talk really loudly. I had to tell two different people to shush and Smallest kept putting his finger to his lips. Idiots!

Small is not happy. He thinks this sign is false advertising as the pond is not too good. He would like to change its name to Adequate Pond
An adequate pond or too good?
Small with his head in the clouds. Smallest listening to the music. All of us and Small's Wall Friend

Off we went to find our last band of the day when we happened upon our favourite Indian Restaurant, normally reserved for mine and Huffle's date nights (whoops Canadian). I was a bit sceptical about taking the kids in there becuase although I make curries at home, we always have a tub of sour cream to calm it down. However, Smallest and Huffle shared a Butter Chicken and rice and Smallest and I shared a Chana Masala and rice and we all had a garlic naan. It was lovely and the boys, although they felt the heat of it, did enjoy it. All the doors were open so we could hear the band we were looking for but I think we had already seen the best ones.

Smallest and I were entertaining the waitresses with our napkin trick. They didn't really get it!

Today we have spent the day 'pegging' each other and our best bits have been putting a peg on, taking a photo and showing it to the person after a long time of them wearing it. Hello Peggy! Very silly.

Pegging a chef

Weary and heavy of tummy, we walked through the park back to the car and came home. The boys were very silly in the car and we had to send them in the garden to calm down (that's the effect Spice has on them then) and the they came in and Kayes Minecraft together until bedtime.

My little sun bum

What a lovely weekend we have had.


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