Monday, 14 August 2017

Knife Bum

When Small tried to sleep, he struggled because he could hear someone singing. At first he thought it was something we were watching on TV but when we went outside it sounded far away but very very loud. He had to shut his windows and put his fan on to drown it out. When we went to bed it was still going on. Huffle thought it sounded like bad karaoke but I thought it was a bit opera like. Who knows. There was nothing on the Community Facebook page so it obviously didn't bother other people!

Today was the first day of Small's Councillor In Training Course. This is a two week course aimed at teaching the kids (13/14 years old) how to be councillors in camps for younger kids, ie staff. The first week will be learning skills and the second week being in camps. It allows him to earn all of his 40 community hours he needs to graduate from High School. Apparently a lot of kids here don't even think about their community hours until grade 12, so for him to get his sorted before he even starts Grade 9 is a great achievement. Today he learned some new games which can be played in any downtime to keep the younger kids interest. The class is 13 mixed boys and girls and for lunch they can either go to Tim Hortons or stay in the Youth Room which has table football, air hockey ad two pool tables. He has requested a packed lunch so he can stay and play. He enjoyed it but said it wasn't what he expected. He has to do a 'good deed' a day and when I brought him home, he asked if he could help with dinner. Never before! How do I get him to do a good deed everyday forever?

So I had to get up early, well we all did. Huffle worked, Small and I went to councillor camp and Smallest got up because Small woke him! Camp starts at 9am but to be sure the traffic wasn't too bad, we left at 8:20am which was easily enough time. I got back home by 9:30am and Smallest allowed me breakfast and some Holby City (BBC) before telling me what he wanted to do.

Our first activity was tennis but we cycled to the courts. It was incredibly hot though the temperature was only supposed to be 23*. We had fun playing tennis but couldn't run around too much. Too warm. So we abondoned it after about 40 minutes and cycled home. We jumped straight into the pool which was only 22* but very welcoming after cycling and tennis. We played around for a while and came in to make lunch which we ate outside under the parasol reading a magazine. Huffle joined us eventually. He was busy sorting Small's laptop with Uncle Grumps Help Desk.

Break time
Cycling home

Next on our agenda was games. We played Carcassonne which I won but only by five points. When we were packing it away i found a tile we forgot to use which could have won Smallest the game. He is very bitter about it!!! After that we played UPSET. We were both 50 away from winning and I just did it. YAY! That wiped the smug look off his face as he was winning all the way through. We ended our games session with MarioKart on the WiiU. I definitely did not win that. We played online. He is much better at it than me.

Off I went to get Small. 25minutes journey there and 30 minutes back. I was supposed to put pork on in the oven before I left but I got a message from Huffle saying 'cakes in the oven but no pork'. I had left three of yesterday's muffins in the oven to finish off and had turned it off and forgotten they were there and left the pork prepared on the side. When I got home, Huffle had peeled potatoes and carrots. Awwwww everyone is being helpful today.

I made dinner (with help from the boys) and by 6pm we were all out of the house for two football sessions. Huffle dropped Smallest and I off at practice and he and Small went on to Small's game and picked us up on the way back. It was a lovely evening. Cooler but nice.


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