Thursday, 24 August 2017

The bathroom is full of wrestlers

Huffle is not well. He is full of cold and constantly sneezing and sniffling.

It was such a struggle, to get up this morning but I did and then took Small to camp. Today he played baseball, football, swimming, dodgeball and took charge of a game where he had to shout (his poor voice is very croaky, I made him a hot lemon too).

Back home I had breakfast and caught up on Trust Me (such a good BBC drama) and then Smallest and I played Carcassonne. It was a very close game and I won by five points. We decided to spend the rest of the morning cleaning and clearing Smallest's room. We went through the remaining 'stuff' boxes and put things away, got rid of things he no longer wanted and then dusted and vacuumed the end of the room we didn't get to before. It's all spick and Span now (OMG I had to write that sentance six times because my predictive text kept changing it and now I can't be sure it's even a correct term!). I heard Huffle laughing when I shouted "be careful if you go into the bathroom because it's full of wrestlers". Smallest has a huge amount of wrestling figures and I decided to wash them but to dry them I laid them all out on a towel. Actually they are still on there.

Lunch was had and then I left Huffle to work and Smallest watching TV while I went and gave two lovely little girls a crochet and knitting lesson. It was tough and I need to be better prepared next time as little hands find it tough to co-ordinate two hands at the same time and holding the wool was difficult. Still I enjoyed it and they said they wanted more.

Smallest and I went off to get Small and came home and started dinner. The boys played on tablets and Wii until dinner and then they made us pudding. They called it a Thursday (a sundae) and it had in it crumbled biscuit, mint chocolate Angel Delight (we like that one Grandma, Grandad and Moo), Neapolitan ice cream, strawberries, skor bits and chocolate. We sat and ate them on the porch. Yum yum.

Huffle and I walked around the Hamlet while the boys played badminton and football and then we all empried the dishwasher and watched TV.

Today has been very cool and autumnal.


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