Sunday, 6 August 2017

It 'ain't half hot Yeti

Smallest finally got to sleep somewhere around 10pm. Huffle and I woke up far too early due to the light coming in through the window blinds. We did, however, get back to sleep and continued to sleep until 9am. Well we are on holiday. The boys got up later too and were playing very quietly on their tablets when we got up. I had a bizarre dream about Moo trying to get Alan Sugar (who I thought was my ex boss) to go out with her (she did get his phone number!) and all of our laundry was left in the train station while she ran after him. Huffle was trying to get tickets to see the Olympics. Very weird!!!

The bread we bought yesterday evening was mouldy this morning so Smallest and I had no toast for breakfast. I made scrambled egg instead. Huffle took it back after breakfast and got a new one which we had for lunch. Smallest was on washing up duty today and Small and I emptied the car of all things beach. We organised stuff and the kids played outside and supposedly got what we needed for a day on the beach.

Today we went to Beach No1. Sandy, stoney and deep water. Not very wavy and not too warm but the boys went straight in and stayed in for a long time. Huffle and I didn't go in though I did paddle up to my thighs. When we arrived there was just a smattering of families on the beach and we chose a nice central spot close to the water. Within a couple of hours we were completely surrounded.

We played catch a lot, one game of Jackers and we started a cricket bat/ball challenge in which I am currently the champion at 12 (keepy ups on the edge of the bat). I am sure it will soon be stolen from me. We did lots of reading and sandcastle building plus several ball roll tracks. The kids did lots of swimming and diving and apart from me going back to make lunch to bring on the beach and the occasional pop back for a loo break, we stayed on there all day.

It started off quite cloudy and we didn't put the parasols up until mid afternoon when it was suddenly too hot. We called it a day around 5:30ish and came back for showers before going out for dinner in PortElgin. The restaurant Huffle chose for us (an Italian) was closed so we ended up in a Grill which was extremely busy but very good once we got our food. We had two games of Monopoly Deal while we waited. Smallest tried Chicken wings for the first time and loved them. The other two had burgers and I had a Sizzling mushroom appetiser in garlic and wine sauce with garlic toast wihich I had with a salad. Different but lovely.

I just had to!

We drove back to the cottage and walked along the boardwalk to the Mainstreet. We took a ball and played with it while we walked. The sky was beautiful and by the time we walked back with our ice cream the sun was setting. Today's flavours were Gold Medal Ribbon, Heath Bar Crunch and Toffee Salted Caramel.

Five years ago, this style of photo won me a competition

Smallest was late to bed tonight due to us walking but we let him stay up and watch a bit of TV and then played Chill Out again to drown out neighbour noises.

A good day. Plenty of sunshine and silliness and good relaxing.


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